Bread of Stone "The Real Life"
by Julia Kitzing ( on 2013-09-23 15:27:03

According to the Bread of Stone website, “Wishing to release an album that truly captured the artistic vision, the band readily admits to being meticulous and demanding of themselves in the recording process. The end result of dedication to independence as artists- and the refining of their craft- is the band’s new release ‘The Real Life.’ A Conceptual album based on the band’s belief that the world is caught up in a vicious cycle of trends, distractions, and lies, ‘The Real Life’ is a response from Bread of Stone that unashamedly declares that the ‘real life’ is as God intended for us-to be one with Him.” That being said, after listening to this album the music is very touching and seems to go through many emotions, some happy, some sad and some thoughtful. There is something for everyone on this album.

The title track from the album “The Real Life” has a chorus that just jumps out at you and makes you realize that Jesus really is the hero that we are all looking for in life, whether we realize it or not. “Are you ready for the real life?, for all the questions in your world, are you looking for real answers?, there's only one, savior hero.” This song makes you realize that if you are looking for a hero that you only need to look to the cross.

Another song on this album that is thought provoking is called “Walking the Line.” This song reminds me of all those people who want to live for Jesus, but are on the fence. We all need to take that step and stop simply walking the line and having one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom. As Christians we are called to be in the world but not of it and this song will really make you think. “I've been walking the line, between your world and mine, but my heart can't be living for two, so I'll lay it all down, and I'm turning around, take it all let me fall in to you, fall into you.” This song will make you do a real heart check..are you living with both feet in the Kingdom or simply walking the line?

The song “Beautiful” is a wonderful song of reflection in my opinion. It makes you realize that Jesus would come to earth even if it was just for one person. He loves us that much to take our mess and make it beautiful for Him. “Take my broken world, and make it beautiful for You, It's unbelievable, You'd come down for just one like me, It's true.” If we become the clay and let Him mold and shape us God will take our broken worlds and make them beautiful for Him.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Dream Records
Release Date: September 24, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Hold On
2. The Real Life
3. The Line
4. Changed
5. Parachute
6. Beautiful
7. Supernatural
8. I'll Be
9. One Way Runner
10. Heartbeat


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