The City Harmonic "Heart"
by Brianne Bellomy ( on 2013-09-02 15:10:26

From the first time I heard “Manifesto,” I’ve loved The City Harmonic. I quickly purchased both their EP and their first full length album. They have a beautiful, pure sound that resonates with all who hears it. They are known for their beautiful piano sounds, strong drum beats, and rousing gang lyrics. Their new album "Heart" has the same well known sounds, but the lyrics... well they hit straight to the Heart.

For anyone who has have gone through hard times, times where you can’t see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, or even those who have lost their hope; this album is a beautiful reminder of the grace, peace, and love that God provides each of us in each and every heartbeat.

As for the album artwork, “People have always talked about ‘the square’ representing the physical, the tangible, and the circle representing the spirit, God.. How do you square the circle? How do you make these things connect? Jesus was the perfect man and God. Only in Jesus do we have the ability to say, ‘I’m a whole person, not a broken apart thing, whole but broken.’ On HEART, we try to unpack what it means to be fully human,” says lead singer Elias Dummer.

Each song is filled with a layer of a heart crying out to God asking for the strength to get through through whatever may be troubling us or is on the road ahead.

“Love, Heal Me” is a direct cry to God asking for healing from a life that brings you to your knees, to your brink. Crying out for healing in His name all while knowing that the ultimate healing will come one day.

“Strong” which was written by Elias Dummer and Eric Fusilier, grew from a place of vulnerability in the middle of Eric’s battle with cancer. “I wasn’t really in a place to write anything,” Eric confesses. “Emotionally, I felt like a child who had been let down by his parents for the first time. I just couldn’t see [my illness] as a blessing. I couldn’t connect with God. To confront that stuff and write, ‘I am strong in my weakness,’ was really difficult because I couldn’t deny how I really felt...”

Near the one-year anniversary of the stem cell transplant that saved his life, Eric’s cancer is in remission. “Being on the other side of it, my emotions now line up with what I believe. God really has been there the whole time, using this for the good. It’s a clear picture of God’s people coming together, working together... a profound experience.”

“1+1” is a song I can see as being used for weddings or for a man trying to express his thoughts about getting married. The lyrics are written from the husband's perspective towards God asking for guidance and strength to be a man that can love his wife like Christ loved the church. A marriage is a triangle-God at the top with the husband and wife side by side following Him- 1+1=3.

“Songs of Longing, Joy and Peace,” is a quick little segway into the song “Glory”, and it’s words are a perfect way to sum up this album:

Singin’ songs of longing
Singin’ songs of joy and peace
Songs to give You glory
To God be the glory

Rating: 5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Integrity/Columbia
Release Date: September 3, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Here and There 4:21
2. Praise The Lord 3:16
3. Strong 3:43
4. Take Heart 3:47
5. Alive, Alive 4:04
6. Love, Heal Me 2:01
7. Songs Of Longing, Joy And Peace 0:28
8. Glory 3:09
9. A City On A Hill 3:39
10. Live Love 3:01
11. 1+1 3:30
12. Long Walk Home 3:35
13. Brand New 3:37
14. My Jesus, I Love Thee 4:20


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