The Museum "Let Love Win"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2010-07-30 14:06:54

Behind so many words is a deeper meaning than meets the eye. When you hear the word “museum”, we think of walking through a humongous building that showcases old relics and things that remind us of the past. The Museum is definitely showcasing their music as a reminder of not only what our God has done in the past, but what He can do now in the present, and what He will do in the future. Their name is derived from a museum in Romania near the town square where communism was overthrown in 1989. The Museum’s drummer, Josh Kirk, says they chose this band name because they hope “[their] music and those [they] share it with can be the evidence that Christ has done a revolution in [their] hearts.” They are definitely doing that.

The album kicks off with a strong, upbeat feel, with songs such as “Never Look Away”, “You Are Love”, and the first single off the project “My Help Comes from the Lord.” That upbeat feel eventually fades as the album progresses. While that same digression is what you get on many projects, overall musically the album retains the same pop sound, so one might get a bit bored since the songs remain slower for the rest of the record. However, the lyrical content is exceptionally original and is extremely catchy along with the tunes placed with the songs. With the catchiness of the lyrics, melody, and the feel of worship flowing through the record, one can’t help but just go before God to sing these songs of praise to Him. So while the album might be a bit slow for some people’s liking, “Let Love Win” isn’t something to be passed over while looking for new music to enjoy!

The album while speaking to Christians on many areas is also able to speak to a non-Christian audience as well because of its offering of hope, such as in songs like “Buy This” (You don’t have to buy this/You don’t have to be/You don’t have to buy the lies of the enemies/I know the cost of compromise is hard enough to see….You have been set free), “Never Look Away” (You and me we used to be/Lover torn and lost along the way/Until heaven came and rescued me/I found grace right in front of me/This is love), or the title track “Let Love Win.”

While the album is a minister of hope and freedom, it also contains passionate songs of praise and worship such as the first single off the project, “My Help Comes from the Lord” (Maker of heaven/Giver of life/You are my strength my song in the night/My refuge my shelter, now and forever/My help comes from the Lord), “Allelujah” [this song happens to be my favorite off the project] (When all else seems the battles lost/And such disease is spreading on/When life grows dark and our lips are parched/You are the hope that we sing of [Chorus] Alleluia/Thine the glory/Alleluia amen/Alleluia, Thine the glory/Revive us again), “The Only One”, and “Radiance.”

“Let Love Win,” the project itself, is a call to the broken and hopeless, while also offering to Christians a wonderful worship experience and also a call to be who we were born to be, ministers of the light. The Museum’s passion for Christ is spread throughout the entire album. If their debut is this good, I would definitely believe that their sophomore project will be what everyone expects a sophomore project to be: an explosive record being twice as good as the debut. All in all, “Let Love Win” is a landmark album for 2010.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Rock
Label: BEC Recordings
Release Date: July 27, 2010
Buy it: Amazon MP3

1. Never Look Away 3:57
2. You Are Love 2:59
3. Let Love Win 3:18
4. My Help Comes From The Lord 3:34
5. Lost In You 4:02
6. Buy This 3:24
7. The Call 3:49
8. Allelujah 3:34
9. Radiance 2:54
10. The Only One 4:14
11. The Anchor 4:05


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