Relient K "Collapsible Lung"
by Kevin Thorson ( on 2013-07-01 14:58:29

Well we've been waiting a long time for a new Relient K album and it's finally here. Is it worth the wait? Relient K has always liked to mix up their style and this release is no different. In fact it's strangely inconsistent for such a mature band. I had expected them to move to a poppier sound after hearing some of the early releases, and indeed they have. I didn't think I would mind it too much but I kind of do. Unfortunately there's a lot about this album to not like.

First of all I'm not a fan of some of the sounds they're pursuing like the extremely high "PTL"... can his voice reach the stratosphere? Yep he just burst through it and my eardrums. "That's My Jam" and "I Can't Complain" are just way off the map and not trends they should continue in. And then there's track 10 "Sweeter" which sounds like something you would hear in a dark depressing bar.

The musical direction is one thing, but what is really lacking is the lyrics. They're tired, beaten, and repetitively themed. They are all so focused on mistakes and regrets in relationships and really nothing else. Some of the lyrics you could even call low class. Lyrics like "If I could take you home/It's not up to me where you sleep" or "She looks good in your clothes/Climbing up the staircase/Back to bed you go again" and "I never meant to be your one night one mistake". These are not the thoughtful brilliant lines we've come to be such fans of. Where's the redemption, forgiveness and hope? With such a gigantic platform and faithful fan base you think they could share some of that hope and grace in their music.

Earlier in the year I named "Collapsible Lung" the most anticipated album of 2013. I've been a huge fan for years but this album unfortunately is the biggest disappointment of the year. There are still a couple of good tracks like "Don't Blink" and the title track but this release as a whole I have to give a Don't Buy. It's inconsistencies and poor lyrics are things you would expect from possibly a debut artist not from seasoned veterans. Relient K can do much better.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Genre: Pop / Rock
Label: Mono vs Stereo
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Don't Blink 3:02
2. Boomerang 2:47
3. Lost Boy 3:09
4. If I Could Take You Home 3:31
5. Can't Complain 3:13
6. Gloria 2:58
7. PTL 3:23
8. Disaster 2:58
9. When You Were My Baby 2:44
10. Sweeter 4:27
11. Collapsible Lung 3:21
12. That's My Jam

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