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by Grace Thorson (cmaddict.com) on 2013-05-06 13:48:56

Hannah Rose is fresh to the Christian music industry; she may be new to listeners, but she’s anything but a novice to music itself. From the northwest part of the states, she was brought up in a music-loving family, so performing is nothing astonishing to Hannah Rose; she has played in various venues showcasing her talented singing capabilities. And this album is her first self-titled work through Dream Records.

I liked all her songs; some rang out louder for me than others. Hannah Rose’s genre is pop, and her style runs along the lines of Cadia and Holly Starr. I’m sure anyone would enjoy her music, but I feel it’s geared more towards a younger audience. I especially recommend it to girls in the age rage of 10 and up to give it a listen. I really think my youngest niece would love her music and she’s almost thirteen.

The melodic story I dug up from Hannah Rose’s album is, I believe, on being wholly in-love with God and for waiting patiently on Him to bring you someone special in life. Hannah Rose’s musical focus should be a good influence and role model for your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces. I highly recommend her album.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite tracks from Hannah Rose:

“Sea of Love” picks up with Hannah Rose’s crisp, young, and vibrant vocals. I’m fond of this particular track for that reason, her voice booms throughout the whole thing. I also like her lyrics, “I try to close my eyes to see if you will disappear, you’ve got strings tied all around me, I’m drowning not wanting to rise above, because I like being surrounded in your sea of love.” Hannah said this on her song’s background story: “As I wrestle with my faith and look for something else, or someone else, to fill the space inside, I discover that nothing compares to His love for me. It surrounds me like a sea and even though sometimes I feel like I am drowning, I discover peace in His love.”

If you need a song to lift up your spirits, take a listen to “Keep Moving Forward.” Its theme is on perseverance and on trudging through life, even when it’s difficult. The lyrics are good. Hannah Rose cries out to God with, “Can you hear my cry, in the dead of the night, because I’m feeling abandoned and I don’t want to die, can you hear my cry, in the dead of the night, because I’m feeling abandoned and I want to survive.” Here is Hannah Rose’s synopsis for this track: “We often feel alone even though God has told us that He would never leave our side. The things of this world taunt us and leave us feeling helpless. We need to turn to God. Leave the past in the past and keep moving forward, hold on to faith and don’t look back.”

“You and Me” is a relationship based song by Hannah Rose. Its story follows on waiting for the right person to come along; for that special one-ness connection with someone. A beautiful track written with sweet lyrics: “I can see us walking in the sand, strolling along, hand in hand, can’t you see it, making perfect melodies, creating lasting memories don’t you feel it.” And Hannah Rose had this to say about her lyrics: “Waiting! Plain and simple! Waiting for God’s perfect timing in relationships. He will bring the perfect person at the perfect time because He knows exactly what you need. When the timing comes, it will be beautiful, magical, and wonderful!”

And her inspiration, her music-writing-method is: "Instead of keeping a journal, I write songs. They are all about my life and actual events that I have experienced. Writing songs is how I express myself and get my feelings out." Keep writing, Hannah Rose. You’re off to an awesome beginning!

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Dream Records
Release Date: May 7, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Sea Of Love 3:50
2. It's A Good Life 3:33
3. Eye Of The Storm 3:13
4. Permanent Love Scar 3:30
5. You And Me 3:33
6. Keep Moving Forward 4:15
7. When The Music Stops 2:51
8. I Love You For That 3:39
9. Wasting Time 3:25
10. So And So 3:13

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