Hawk Nelson "Made"
by David Bunce (cmaddict) on 2013-04-08 13:43:15

Hawk Nelson released their first album in 2004 titled "Letters to the President". Since then, they have released many great songs and albums. It had been a few years since we heard from Hawk Nelson, and as new fans are introduced and long-time fans re-engaged, "Made" is a great album for music enthusiasts everywhere.

I thoroughly enjoy the diversity demonstrated on this most recent work. I did notice a change has somewhat evolved the band and their sound though. When I first listened, I could certainly tell there is a little less punk and a little more pop with this album as opposed to earlier works. However, I do not think anything has been taken away or diluted from the group at all by their stylistic approach compared to past works.

The music matches the story and message that unfolds in the well-made songs on an album that may possibly be the best musical creation by Hawk Nelson to date.

I think Hawk Nelson has again released songs that are encouraging, captivating, and catchy… These tunes will stay with you for much longer than just the first time you hear them. A couple of features on the album from Christian artists, Blanca (of Group1Crew) and Bart Millard (of MercyMe) add a nice flavor and again diversity to the album.

The first time I met Hawk Nelson was actually during a youth camp trip to the Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia. This was only a little less than a decade ago and I liked the sound of the new(ish) “punk rock” band. However, I really had not listened to their music and sadly, I passed up the opportunity to get their album. A friend of mine bought the album and as I listened along on a portable CD player on the way home, (Yes, this was before the i-phenomona had completely taken over) instantly I was hooked to the stories so well told, the music so enjoyable, and the overall sound that is just plain fun.

Since then, I have listened to every album and thoroughly enjoyed their positive sound and great influence. Recently, the band has also gone through a few changes, one of the biggest being the transition of a new lead singer, Jonathan Steingard.

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the release party at Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida and I was able to hear some new songs from the album performed live. As one more credit to the talent of this band, Hawk Nelson is one of few bands who I actually thought sounded just as good if not better live as from the recorded songs. I highly recommend this album, and if you are a long-term fan of Hawk Nelson, be prepared for the slight difference of sound. I’m very confident though, that you will still thoroughly enjoy the album.

I feel that "Made" carries a little bit more weight than much of their previous works; not meaning that their high-energy, crowd-jumping music has been diminished; but as Jonathan told us at the release party, the album is Hawk Nelson’s story through the processes of making this album; particularly the song “Faithful”, which is one of my personal album favorites.

Jonathan, Daniel Biro, and Justin Brenner, (the Hawk Nelson band members) are just regular guys who love God, love music, and have once again released an album that I hope will make a big splash in new Christian music of 2013!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Pop/Rock/Punk
Label: Fair Trade/Columbia
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. What I'm Looking For 3:26
2. A Million Miles Away 2:40
3. Words 3:24
4. Elevator 3:21
5. Every Beat Of My Broken Heart 3:50
6. Made 3:52
7. Love Like That 3:35
8. Through The Fire 3:48
9. Faithful 4:08
10. Anyone But You 3:02
11. Outside The Lines 4:08
12. Fighting For 4:53


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