Plumb "Need You Now"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2013-02-07 07:42:47

Although over the past 5 years we’ve seen remixes and a greatest hits collection be released, there has been the anticipation for something new from Plumb…and it’s finally here. Throughout her latest collection there is the purposeful theme of relationship, whether it be with other human beings or God Himself, and recognizing that relationship takes importance over the good and hard times. The album covers that even in pain there is hope in God, and that this relationship carries us through every single storm we may face. In accord with that, I think it is appropriate that Plumb changed album titles (from Faster Than a Bullet to Need You Now) in dedication to the Sandy Hook school shootings. This incident causes these melodies to come alive so much more.

As mentioned before, despite there being hope for all, Need You Now, as a whole, is perfectly honest about being human (“So now we bruise and hit, with words that hurt…” –At Arm’s Length). With her latest selections, Plumb returns more to her original roots of music and that edgy rock sound causes one to assess the grittiness of life and still find meaning in it. That combined with the edginess of this project etches the tunes in the mind so much more.

“When does a scar become a tattoo/When does the sky fade back to blue/When does this broken heart….beat on its own?” –Say Your Name

“Everybody’s got a wound to be healed….Oh I walk through the shadows and I am/I am so afraid” –Need You Now

“How could this happen to me? This isn’t fair/This nightmare/This kind of torture/I just can’t bear” –I Want You Here

In the midst of the dark sea, there is the call to love and that love is “stronger than death itself.” With the search for land, there is a Lighthouse shining, beckoning us to safety, and affirming us (and also a little bit of romance thrown into the mix).

“The waves are crashing all around you/And just when you’ve lost the will to live/You see the sun” –Drifting

“Oh just one drop of your love/A single ray of sun/Just one thing…It’s just you and me starting with a dream” –One Drop

“I don’t deserve Your love/But You give it to me anyway/I can’t get enough/You’re everything I need/And when I walk away/You take off running/And come right after me” –I Don’t Deserve You

“And I’m thinking you’re thinking/She’s crazy but I love her anyway/But you say…You’re beautiful” -Beautiful

This album is a cry. A cry for healing and restoration in brokenness. A cry for hope in the midst of chaos. Need You Now reveals the rawness of our daily life, especially concerning the relational aspects. In the middle of the searing pain, Need You Now also reveals there is a Healing Hope greater than we could ever imagine. And as we move closer to this Hope, we move closer to Love... and closer to being wholly restored.

“The more our hearts are healed, the more we can heal others.” –P’Emmi Khanthana, (Lighthouse in Action Ministries)

[On a personal opinion note, as much as there is rawness, I would have liked to hear the lyrics more so pointed to the true healing power of Jesus. That opinion though does not change the fact that I think is a really good project.]

Listen to "Need You Now" single here

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Curb Records
Release Date: February 26, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Invisible 3:36
2. Drifting 3:11
3. Beautiful 4:32
4. One Drop 3:52
5. I Want You Here 5:12
6. Say Your Name 3:20
7. Unlovable 3:53
8. Need You Now (How Many Times) 4:12
9. Chocolate & Ice Cream 3:19
10. Don't Deserve You 4:08
11. Cage 3:17
12. At Arms Length 5:01
13. I Don't Deserve You 3:32

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