Jeremy Camp "Reckless"
by David Bunce (cmaddict) on 2013-02-02 16:50:53

The career of Jeremy Camp could be considered anything but unsuccessful… As stated in Camp’s bio: “With 32 No. 1 radio hits, a Grammy nomination and five Dove Awards. [Jeremy Camp] Even with this success, Camp says God brought him to a place where he could, if the day ever came, surrender music. “Not that it wouldn’t be a challenge,” says Camp, “but I wouldn’t be devastated because this is not my life. Christ is my life.” It was with this mindset that Camp wrote “Reckless””.

This album is packed with a powerful punch that, I would say, has been unparalleled in any of the other great works Camp has produced in the past. Amidst the quality produced sound and familiar vocals we have grown accustomed to, this album ratchets up the passion and soul that makes Christian music so powerful. The lyrics are not only worshipful as in “The Way You Love Me” or encouraging as in “Free” but they also resonate with an overall message of surrender. The goal of bringing glory to God is refreshing and moving. Powerful, encouraging, and inspiring are just a few words I would use to describe it.

“Reckless” is certainly a high-energy, adrenaline pumping single that brings Jeremy’s rock to an even stronger level. He holds nothing back and encourages “I will not be afraid to surrender my way to follow who You are”. It echoes a hearts cry of a people who desire to glorify God and will live recklessly and fearlessly for Christ!

I think, in this album, it is practically impossible to have an album favorite. However, if I were forced to choose, it might have to be “We Must Remember”. Camp reminds us of the importance of the Gospel and that it is what we must remember.

The sound stays pretty consistent with Camp’s previous work. There were one or two moments where I felt a little more could have been done musically, and I would have liked to see his sound stretch a little stylistically. However, he is clearly in his area of expertise and his enthused, passion infused music will not allow you to just sit and listen without joining in on this drastic call to action all because of the love of Christ.

On a cultural note, I love how this theme of “Coming Alive” is being seen more and more in recent Christian Music. So much in our culture is centered in complacency and idolatry, but because of the great gift of eternal life that we have received we want to share this life with others! If those who hear this album will truly take these songs to heart that are basically echoing the truths of scripture, what a drastic change we would have in our generation! Let us truly be “Reckless” for Christ!

Jeremy Camp talks about album "Reckless" (Video)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Rock
Label: BEC Recordings
Release Date: February 12, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1 Reckless 3:27
2 The Way You Love Me 3:42
3 Free 3:27
4 Paradise 4:02
5 We Must Remember 4:03
6 Shine 3:42
7 Come Alive 3:21
8 My God 3:58
9 We Need 3:38
10 Reign in Me 3:39
11 Without You 4:05


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