Capital Kings "Capital Kings"
by David Bunce (cmaddict) on 2013-01-14 15:01:06

To those of you wondering what’s new in the large and ever growing world of Christian music, I submit to you this very talented duo, Jonathan White and Cole Walowac; A.K.A. Capital Kings. They share the light of the Christian life through electronic, synthetic-pop, and all around feel-good music that will keep you dancing and feeling joyful even on a Monday.

It’s great to see a new group starting out with such a strong first album. The album, titled the same as the band name, is filled with great songs, catchy tunes, and a great message!

Capital Kings have successfully melded modern styles with the Positive message of Christ. Songs like “You’ll Never Be Alone” and “I Feel So Alive” take the fresh and vibrant music to the max and bring top quality sound deserving a spot on the top 40 charts.

Their lyrics are clever and encouraging but simple. As Jon himself stated, “We’re not preachers. We just love singing about real life… God is obviously No. 1 in our lives and we base most of our experiences on finding His hope and His love.” And that they do! They speak of eternity in “Living For the Other Side” and they encourage living life to the fullest while here on this earth. And while they’re not preaching a powerful 3-point sermon in this album, their music certainly exudes unashamedly the light and hope for tomorrow that comes from their Faith; and it is highly contagious!

The influence of Toby Mac, executive Producer of the Album (with a special guest appearance), is very apparent. So many styles are mixed and blended, as is his trademark skill. And this in turn creates an album providing excitement and the guarantee that no two songs sound exactly the same. Other talented features by Christian music artists Britt Nicole, Royal Tailor, and Soul Glow Activatur of Family Force 5 add the whipped cream topping to a very strong debut.

For those of us that enjoy a little bit of dubstep, Capital Kings launch their album into the future of popular music by jumping in with both feet and creating a sound that is both fun and energetic.

Capital Kings is certainly garnering for one of the top spots in New Christian music. They just may be the current “Kings of the Hill”. Please don’t just take my word for it, go get the album and see for yourself. If you enjoy a roller-coaster ride of dance/pop music with a positive message, you will certainly not be disappointed!

I’m greatly anticipating their live appearance in the National Christian Concert, Winter Jam 2013!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop / Electronic
Label: Gotee Records
Release Date: January 8, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. All The Way 3:12
2. We Belong As One featuring tobyMac 3:34
3. You'll Never Be Alone 3:18
4. Living For The Other Side featuring Royal Tailor 3:29
5. I Feel So Alive 3:34
6. Ready For Home 2:56
7. Born To Love featuring Britt Nicole 4:11
8. Be There 3:31
9. Tell Me 3:43
10. The Paradigm featuring Soul Glow Activatur of Family Force 5 4:14

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