Sanctus Real "Run"
by Andrew Funderburk (cmaddict) on 2013-01-08 14:56:33

In the midst of economic downturns, shootings, wars, twisted theologies, etc., it can be extremely easy to look around and think that this life is a hopeless case. It seems like as darkness pervades more, the light grows less and less, yet in the midst of all of this, there are those voices that sing out. This is what I was reminded of when I listened to Sanctus Real’s new release, Run. This album was nothing short of encouraging listeners to keep the pace in our faith. In all of the catchy hooks and choruses that grab the ear’s attention, there were the consistent reminders of our need for Jesus, and our need for dependence on Him, because He is the only One who sustains. All of these things were said in a way that is simply, as the artist’s name says, real.

Although the album talked about various things, the recurring theme I continued to hear on Run is dependence, dependence, dependence on Jesus.

On Our Own - “We cannot make it our own/We need You everywhere we go”

We Will Never Give Up - “We will fix our eyes on the One who lasts forever/We will hold on tight to the only real Treasure…we were born into weakness/Fragile by design/So we hold onto Jesus with everything inside.”

And that dependence on Jesus ties into our everyday lives, such as marriage, as they pinpoint in the songs, Commitment, Keep Me Young, and Picture of Grace.

Commitment - “I wanna’ finish the life we started/I wanna’ be two old beautiful souls staying with it/And in those times where I feel its fade I’m gonna’ give you the one thing that makes all the difference/Commitment”

Picture of Grace - “Took us 30 something years to see the light/It took a whole lot of tears and sleepless nights/It took the pain of wondering why/But I see every tear we’ve cried is a drop of purpose in the sea of life/And as the water washes over you and I/I can see something more than two broken lives”

The album finishes off with You Are God, which, in my eyes, was the perfect ending for these songs. It’s like the final proclamation at the end of a speech that lifts the spirit and brings everything into the perspective of all that was just said, or in this case, sung.

“You are God/You are God/You are God/Not mine but Your will done/Not mine but Your kingdom come/You are God…”

After listening to the last song of this project, I left feeling hopeful…and of course wanted to listen to it again! Run encouraged me to keep my heart strong in hope and remain faithful to Him, and allow that desire to spill into every area of my life, just as it should. Beyond that, I know what the end will be. This world will grow more and more wicked, yet as that happens, the hearts of God’s chosen will remain strong in their hope, their lights will shine brighter, because they had run into the Arms of Love.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Rock
Label: Sparrow Records
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Run 3:07
2. On Our Own 3:55
3. Promises 3:22
4. Pray 3:56
5. We Will Never Give Up 3:34
6. Nothing Between 3:43
7. Commitment 3:37
8. Keep Me Young 3:49
9. One of Those Things 3:56
10. Better Than This 3:57
11. Picture of Grace 3:52
12. You Are God 3:37
13. That's Life (Bonus Track) 3:30
14. Love You Tightly (Bonus Track) 3:34
15. One More Show (Bonus Track) 2:23
16. Sanctuary (Bonus Track) 3:38


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