Eleven 22 "The Reason"
by Andrew Funderburk (cmaddict) on 2012-06-22 14:19:11

Last summer Jacksonville, Florida unveiled worship group Eleven 22. Hailing from Beach United Methodist Church, this band is delivering the reason why we worship. The album was written because of the inspiration of a young woman’s passion and faith to impact this generation by helping them recognize their full potential. This young woman is McKenzie Wilson who passed away at age 15 from a rare illness in 2010. But her life didn’t stop at death; her legacy lives on today. Partnering with the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation, Eleven 22’s The Reason is literally a hands and feet project, as all proceeds from the project will go towards the renovation of a boy’s orphanage and the building of an abandoned baby home in Uganda.

(Below is just a brief overlook of the songs and album as a whole.)

The Reason delivers uniquely crafted lyrics with catchy melodies. Such as with the song Dress Us Up: “Dress us up with Your righteousness/Bring us in with a ring and a kiss/When you walk into the room You know I can’t resist/Every bottle of perfume always ends up on the floor in a mess.” Or the title track, “When I go and tell You that I’m angry/And when I go and tell You that You’re wrong/When I go and thin that I don’t need You/You just love me.”

Partnered with well carved lyrics are worshipful lines, such as, Love Like Fire: “Let Your love take me deeper/Draw me closer to where You are/All I want is more of You”; the quieting song, We Bow Down: “We bow down/And confess/You are Lord in this place/You are all I need/It’s Your face/In the presence of Your love we bow down”; or God Alone: “Yours is the kingdom…Majesty, victory, praise/All of the heavens and earth join to sing/To the Maker of everything.”

As far as critiquing for flaws, it’s hard to criticize what appear to be flaws on any Christian record because the album is directed towards worship of our maker; however, as a review goes, I will give every aspect. Although the album is completely directed towards Christ, the voices are a bit flat in presentation. Coupled with that, the instrumental arrangements sound very similar on the first several songs (and a few more interspersed throughout afterwards), which could cause the listener to find it, may I be so bold to say, boring in delivery.

Despite what may seem like flaws in my eyes, this project sends out a deeper strain of beauty because of what The Reason stands for. The songs and voices gives worship music a honest and beautiful view on life. This is also more than just any worship project, this is a worship album that is giving it all back because Christ gave it all for us, and just one girl was obedient to do what God had called her to do. The Reason is more than just a focusing of where our eyes should be, but it is an ultimate call to give all that we have for the One who gave it all because of His great love. The overall question though: Will you?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation
Release Date: August 17, 2011
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Found A Love 4:41
2. God In Heaven 5:18
3. My Heart Is Yours 4:25
4. Hands Of Kindness 6:35
5. Burning Hearts 6:35
6. Love Like Fire 4:52
7. We Bow Down 2:44
8. I Belong To You 5:39
9. Dress Us Up 6:43
10. The Reason 4:46
11. It Is Well 7:35
12. God Alone 6:31


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