Out of Hiding "Live From Brave Generation CD/DVD"
by Grace Thorson (cmaddict) on 2012-05-31 14:22:07

From Holyfire Ministries comes Out of Hiding – a worship music band made up of five extremely talented members. There’s Justin Kendrick (lead vocalist/guitarist), Chrisy Kendrick (vocalist/keyboardist), Madison Bollinger (vocalist/drummer), Joey Jacobs (bass guitarist), and Jon Wisecarver (guitarist). The group’s newest project was recorded at Holyfire’s annual youth conference called “Brave Generation,” hence the name of the album “Live from Brave Generation.” It’s an album/dvd that includes fourteen tracks and a live filming of their gig. The dvd only includes ten of those tracks with two of them having been meshed together as one whole track. The recording of it took place in the famous and historic town of Plymouth, Massachusetts with an attendance of about 1,000 youth.

Their live performance opens up with the song “Break into Life” – which is fitting, because it introduces you to the rest of their music with a rockin’ breakout! Following right after this is my next favorite song “Overcome.” I like it because of the lyrics. It was Jesus’ main goal when He came to Earth. The lyrics go like this: “Overcome, overcome. Mercy radiates beyond the pain. The one, overcomes. Crucified he overtook the grave. Hallelujah.” Jesus conquered the grave and saved us from our sins. His mercy is utterly amazing! Far beyond ours! So shouldn’t we live like it? We have this incredibly strong reason to live out our life with such great passion, so let’s live it to the fullest for God.

“One Church” is a short piece, but I love how touching it is with the words “One church, One voice, One God” being repeated throughout the whole thing. I also like “Hail to the King” - in which Christy Kendrick (who also plays the keyboards) sings it solo. It’s such a great praise song to God. Here are some lyrics: “Who leads the stars by number. Who calls the child by name. Hail to the King / Hail to the King. No one can compare. No one can compare.” I love to declare His awesome majesty and praise Him as our King, and this track definitely does it for me. I can almost guarantee that I will be singing along with this song in my special and quiet times with God. “Mountains” could quite possibly be my absolute favorite track off this album. Once again, Chrisy Kendrick sings it solo, and it’s my favorite for two reasons: because of Chrisy’s booming voice and for the words within it.

“Stand” is an amazing track and another one of my favorites. It’s got a strong presence and heavy guitar playing – therefore, I love. Okay, so the last track is called “The Healer Talk.” Well, my music player updated the title to “The Heater Talk.” I couldn’t understand why in the world it would be named “Heater.” I was left thinking that there must be some kind of hidden meaning behind the title. I’m happy to have found that was not the case, because strange, right? The track has the lead vocalist ending with a talk about healing, not heaters. That makes way more sense.

My overall combined thoughts on the album/dvd are that I liked them both. I enjoyed listening to Out of Hiding’s music and watching their live performance on dvd. Quite honestly, I’m not a huge fan of live albums. I usually only buy them if I really love the band/artist. But, in this case, it was nice. What I liked most about Out of Hiding, is their hearts for Jesus and their passion to inspire this young generation of believers. Their tone and focus is right on and their music is good too. I would recommend getting this combo if, of course, you’re a big fan of them, likes worship music, or collects live performance dvds. And if you’re interested in finding out more about Holyfire Ministires, you should check out their website at holyfireministries.com.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Catapult
Release Date: April 21, 2012
Buy it: Amazon

1. Break Into Life 4:49
2. Overcome 4:03
3. One Church 2:08
4. King of Angels 6:06
5. Found 5:01
6. Reason For Hope 1:46
7. Door of Heaven 4:41
8. Hail To The King 4:52
9. Adoption Talk 1:56
10. Father God 3:54
11. Mountains 4:43
12. Follow You 6:39
13. Stand 5:54
14. The Healer Talk 1:14


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