Rhema Soul "Red"
by Grace Thorson (cmaddict) on 2012-03-21 18:13:11

Rhema Soul is made up of three band members: K-Nuff, Butta, and juanlove. In total, the group has released four albums. Their debut album “Worn Soles” came out in 2007. Their track “All You Are” (sung with Hillsong United) was a popular radio single that year. Their album “Dope Beats, Good News” was released in 2008 and the music video for their song “Steez” was chosen as a favorite by the Gospel Music Channel. Their next project “Fingerprints” was released in 2010 and it featured a more personal track called “Fly Away” by the members of the group.

From Universal Christian Music Group, 220 Entertainment Group, and Good City Music comes the rap/pop infused album “Red” by Rhema Soul. It was produced by Andy Anderson (who’s worked with acclaimed artists: TobyMac and Group One Crew), Rey King, and A.D. Their first radio single is “No Walking Away” (written by the band and Anderson) and the song “Breakout” will be included in their first music video.

I think the song “Off the Edge” is my absolute favorite song off this album. It starts off slowly and then works its way up to an amazing burst of music. The chorus is stunning. Like with all of their songs, there’s a lot of rap. This song is no exception, and I absolutely love it!

The song “So Beautiful” was produced by Rey King. Butta sings it, along with the artist Jai. The music is beautiful but the lyrics are the best part about it. Butta has an encouraging message that a lot of us women need to hear. “He said before we were born, He knew our purpose, we were made in His image, so you are perfect. No one can take your place, cause’ you deserve it. The apple of His eye, His prize, He said you’re worth it.”

“Break Out” is another one of my favorite songs, because I like the meaning behind the lyrics “But your dreams are right here in the asking for you to make them reality when you grasp them. So don’t let them lapse or let them rob you of your dreams. We are children of the King.” It makes me want to sing out loud “I just want to break out, break out, say goodbye to yesterday.”

“Stop the World from Spinning” features the artist Shonlock. The song has a joyful sweeping beat to it and there’s more of a popish feel to the whole thing. I like that there’s a halt in the singing of one of the singers and then it quickly switches over to someone else. It’s a neat track.

I love, love this album! Why? For so many reasons! I like how strong Rhema Soul comes across in their music. It grabs your attention and wakes you up. In fact, you’ll probably want to get your running shoes on and take off somewhere. Believe me; you will have a hard time sitting still. The music is incredible! You know it’s an awesome cd, when you have a hard time choosing your favorites from its list of songs. The feel of the music is so uplifting and full of fun. It’s a blast, actually. And the lyrics are… genius! The group is really talented, and you can tell that they’ve had a lot of experience in music, because it definitely shows through in their work. Because of “Red”, I think I’ll go check out their other albums. It’s got to be just as good, if not better!

If you like rap, you will go crazy for “Red”, and if you enjoy listening to Tobymac and Group 1 Crew, you will need to get it! You’ll miss out if you don’t. If you have a fondness for music that makes you want to get up and groove - don’t wait, pick this up, and rock out!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Genre: Hip Hop
Label: 220 Entertainment/Good City Music
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Buy it: Amazon

1. Red 3:33
2. No Walking Away 4:02
3. Danger 3:53
4. War 3:39
5. Need An Answer 4:11
6. Off The Edge 4:29
7. So Beautiful 3:43
8. On My Way 3:55
9. Celebration 4:35
10. Break Out 3:30
11. Not Forgotten 3:59
12. Moment In Time 3:57
13. Stop The World From Spinning 3:59


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