Aaron Keyes "Dwell"
by Andrew Funderburk (cmaddict.com) on 2011-06-15 16:42:09

Worship pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Snellville, GA, Aaron Keyes releases his sophomore project, "Dwell". "Dwell" is one of the most passionate worship projects that I’ve heard in a long time. It is Aaron’s sticking to the Word of God that shapes this music and causes it to stand out. Aaron’s following statement sums up much of why this album moves the heart so much.

“We want to shift what worship leading looks like,” he says, “from worship leaders simply leading songs to worship pastors leading people to knowing God better, to resting our hearts in Him, to expressing our hearts to him...”

Dwelling in the Lord Almighty and the God’s healing of the broken are the recurring themes that run through the veins of this album. We hear this in the first several songs that kick the project off.

“Binding the broken, You Father the orphan. You’re the Lover of the lonely. The One and Only.” [O My Soul]

“You restore the wasted year. You build the broken walls. Your love replaces fear. Your mercy makes us whole.” [I Am Not the Same]

The nature of God and His attributes are displayed in songs like, “Every Knee Will Bow”, “Sinless Savior”, and “In the Name of God.”

“He came in flesh, the living stone. He was rejected by all men. But in the sight of God the King, He was the chosen offering. [Chorus] He is Jesus. Sinless Savior. The spotless Redeemer of man. He is Jesus. God is with us. All glory, all praise to the Lamb.” [Sinless Savior]

On other songs our nothingness apart from God is declared in the songs, “Raised Me Up” and “Life Without My God.”

“Life without my is no life at all. Nothing at all. My garden grows at the foot of a throne. When i sing through the smiles. Sing through the hard times. Tell of the wonders of this love of mine.” [Nothing Without My God]

Every song contains the same depth lyrically and musically. When true worship erupts from the human heart for God, there are no songs that can go wrong.

Aaron grasps what true worship is. Too much today worship music keeps the focus on us. He explains it by saying, “It doesn’t seem right that I can go to some of the biggest worship conferences in the world and see some of the biggest worship leaders and no one’s saying anything about the Bible,” Keyes explains. “It makes me nervous because if the Word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, if we’re leading without it, we’re leading people into darkness.”

Not that worship music that includes us is altogether bad, but so much of the time there are “worship” songs that seem to worship us rather than the One we should be worshiping. "Dwell" draws you away into gazing into the beauty of the Lord and causes the heart to praise our Almighty Warrior. The lyrics are beyond the depth of other worship projects because they are drawn off of the majesty of the King. "Dwell" brings to mind Psalm 27:4. This album may not garner a #1 hit, but this album does bring us back to Who is meant to be #1 in our lives and in our music. That fact alone makes "Dwell" a number one since it draws us to dwell in His presence.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Kingsway
Release Date: June 21, 2011
Buy it: Amazon

1. O My Soul 4:53
2. I Am Not The Same 4:12
3. Sovereign Over Us 4:39
4. Song of Moses 4:15
5. Dwell 4:25
6. In The Name Of God 5:59
7. Only Just Begun 4:45
8. Sinless Savior 5:38
9. Life Without My God 3:07
10. Raised Me Up 3:39
11. Every Knee Will Bow Down 4:17
12. Hope Is Dawning 3:26
13. Lavish Your Love 5:10


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