Casting Crowns "It’s Finally Christmas (EP)"
by Jon Ownbey ( on 2017-10-24 08:13:03

The Christmas season is kicking off early this year with the release of It’s Finally Christmas by Casting Crowns. They are joining forces with King & Country this year who will be releasing a Christmas album of their own the following week on October 27th. These two albums are in preparation for their upcoming tour A Glorious Christmas, beginning November 30th.

Formed out of a student worship band in Daytona Beach Florida, Casting Crowns was founded in 1999 by Mark Hall who is the lead vocalist. Soon after coming together they relocated to Stockbridge, Georgia and have been closely connected with Eagle’s Landing First Baptist church ever since. Beginning with several independent albums they were eventually signed by Beach Street Records a division of Reunion Records. With seven studio releases, the band has been very popular and has received both Grammy and Dove awards.

An EP is an album that is too long to be called a single but is too short to be called a full-length album. It’s Finally Christmas has 6 tracks that are a pleasant blend of some old favorites and some new songs by the group. This is not a rock or pop album and the older songs mix well with the new ones to create a traditional Christmas feel. This album is less about the band and more about getting people to realize the true meaning of Christmas. “Christmas has become clouded with so many different distractions that it’s easy for us to forget to stop and take time to think about the true meaning — how God saved the world through his Son, and the humble way in which he came,” says Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall.

It has been a long-standing tradition in my house to not listen to any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I really believe that each holiday should at least get a few moments of its own time each year. I broke that tradition this year when I played this album. I’ve got to say that I was surprised at how this album focused me on Christ’s birth and the hope it brought vs just being another feel-good Christmas album. There is no way that a listener will miss the intended purpose. This album really got me excited about Christmas and its true meaning albeit a little too early this year. Even though this is an EP I would still recommend this album as a definite favorite for the Christmas season.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Christmas
Label: Beach Street Records
Release Date: October 20, 2017
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Gloria / Angels We Have Heard On High (4:31)
It's Finally Christmas (3:26)
What Child Is This (Christ the King) (4:11)
Somewhere in Your Silent Night (3:56)
O Holy Night (4:56)
Make Room (feat. Matt Maher) (4:25)


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