Young Oceans "Suddenly (or The Nuclear Sunburst Of The Truth Revealed)"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2017-10-17 11:08:48

In just five years, Young Oceans has released six full length albums with a seventh soon to be released. While their last project "VOICES" held the niche that the band has found, it felt largely influenced by the musical styles of the featured guests, which departed from the bands contemplative style and moved towards a congregational feel. What we find with their newest collection, "Suddenly (or The Nuclear Sunburst of the Truth Revealed)", is a return to the personal sound they have crafted well over the years.

Through the album's course, the soaring sounds of voices and music backing draws the listener on a journey of reflections of our humanity and God Himself. Surprisingly, while most of the tracks are three or more minutes, the lyrical content is quite simple and sometimes repetitive. This can be seen on the shortest track midway through the album, which repeats for over a minute, "O have mercy, Lord". In contrast to that though, other tracks present deep mulling of the mind, which is exhibited by statements and questions. A few of these tracks are "Are We Not One" (Have we not joy, in the midst of every shadow/Have we not hope, in the deepest of the dark....Have we not love); "Suddenly" (In the echo of Your silence/Or the shadow of my doubt/You know I hunger in the dust, Lord/For every word from Your mouth); and "This Wild Earth" (Lord, come as the lion/Or come as the dove/Just let there be life/Life from above).

While each album they've released has contained the same meditative feel and sound, it's impressive the way Young Oceans has continued to mature even in their music. The sincerity in the vocal talents of the lead singer is deeply felt with each lyric sung. The penning of the writer, Eric Marshall, is thoughtful and contemplative towards the inner workings of one's own life, our surroundings, and the character of God. Though simple at times, it is with those thoughts in mind that set apart Young Oceans from the mediocre mainstream.

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Street Talk Media
Release Date: October 20, 2017
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1 This Wild Earth 4:00
2 Only the Sound 4:02
3 Heaven Has Come 5:13
4 Are We Not One 4:03
5 Walls Come Down 4:32
6 Have Mercy 1:30
7 Out Here 3:38
8 Every Heart Is Open 2:38
9 Suddenly 4:49
10 Forever Yours 3:25
11 The Humility of God 4:18


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