Open Heaven "Miracle Maker"
by Michael Tackett ( on 2017-10-05 15:01:58

The invention of Apple Music and Spotify has given us new ways to explore new music that no one could have thought was possible. It’s so easy now to not only hear your new favorite bands records at the drop of a hat but to also discover new bands that you never knew existed if not for the radio. This kind of discovery has opened the way for local churches to release their records so not only are their local congregation hearing it but the world. With that, Open Heaven, a group of musicians from a church in Columbus Ohio brings us their latest live record- Miracle Maker through Dream Worship.

The first five tracks (including the title track) of the record are high energy and filled with some of the best live recordings of original songs I’ve heard so far, this year. Using synths seems to be the new norm when it comes to the worship music. However, Open Heaven breaks the standard mold a small bit by not allowing synths to be the primary sound of each song with songs like “With You” and “Be Glorified.” For Open Heaven synths are simply an added addition to already great arrangements. For example, “Be Glorified” has multiple instrumental changes that keep the song fresh and exciting. (It’s such a catchy song too)

Lyrically Miracle Maker exalts the King of Kings with declaring the love and grace of Jesus. On the Song “Rock of Ages” they sing “Who can compare to Rock of Ages? / A mighty mighty shelter/ Lord your name is a fortress-like no other/ Rock of Ages”. The title track, a highlight declares “You are the Miracle Maker/ Open my eyes in this place/ Pour out your power… You gave your life so I could live”.

Miracle Maker breaks the mold of most live records by not trying to adhere to the formula of the standard live recording. Most live worship records are sometimes slower and each song stretching out 8-11 minutes. This may be great and spirit filled in a live setting but can be challenging to translate to an actual record. Open Heaven sees the majority of their songs below the 4-minute mark which results in a tight group of songs that stand alone on their own and had me eager to hit repeat. Miracle Maker catchy lyrics mixed with the passionate performances make this live worship record standout above the rest and one that I would recommend checking out.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: DREAM Worship Records
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

For You (Live) (3:34)
Be Glorified (Live) (3:27)
Wonderful Savior (Live) (3:55)
Miracle Maker (Live) (5:15)
Oh Precious Jesus (Live) (7:54)
Creation (Live) (5:47)
Heaven on Earth (Live) (3:15)
Without Fail (Live) (3:55)
Won My Heart (Live) (3:45)
Rock of Ages (Live) (4:34)
King of Kings (Live) (8:53)
Here With Us (Live) (5:27)


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