Matt Redman "Glory Song"
by Michael Tackett ( on 2017-10-01 11:46:54

Before David Crowder, Chris Tomlin or Hillsong United there was Matt Redman. In the mid to late 1990s Redman lead the pack when it came to CCM. Songs like "Blessed Be Your Name," "The Heart of Worship," "Let My Words Be Few" and most recently "10,000 Reasons" have been stapled anthems across Churches worldwide. Redman is back with his latest offering Glory Song. Glory Song was recorded at the legendary Capital Records Tower in L.A. Redman also makes this a collaborative effort by adding in multiple guest singers to make it have a very unified feel.

The theme of the record can be broken down into two parts. On one side Redman does a fantastic job of proclaiming the glory of God through song. Tracks like "All Glory" "Gospel Song" and "Simple Pursuit" guide us on experiencing the Glory of our Maker and His ultimate wonder.

On the other side, Redman addresses the current times we are living in and how to handle them as a believer. Redman sings on the track "One Day (When We All Get To Heaven)" "One day/ You’ll make sense of it all/Jesus/ One day every question resolved/ Every anxious thought left behind/ No more fear." With natural disasters and conflicts every day in the media this song and songs like "Greatest Hallelujah" and "Still I Will Sing" hold a greater weight and depth that should remind believers who they should put their trust in. (I know it did for me)

Glory Song isn’t without some small flaws. One common issue, which is an issue among most worship records nowadays, is the length of each song. Most of them are more in 5 minutes long. While sometimes this is warranted the extended length can make the songs feel too repetitive and unoriginal. Luckily for Redman, he does throw a small wrench in this type of formula by adding in musical elements that break the typical slow extended mold. For example, “Gospel Song” adds a rap verse towards the end that brings new life to the track and makes it a real standout. “Redemption Song” a worship-filled track adds in a pleasant guitar solo mid-track that breaks the standard CCM mold and makes the length of the song semi-forgivable.

Overall Glory Song is an excellent addition to Redman's impressive catalog. In this time of tribulation around the world, Redman has written a collection of songs that offer praise to our Creator while still addressing the trials that are currently set before us. Glory Song is still young to the ears but will no doubt end up as one of the top worship records of the year.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: sixstepsrecords
Release Date: September 29, 2017
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

All Glory (feat. Kierra Sheard) (5:07)
Gospel Song (feat. Guvna B) (4:32)
Greatest Hallelujah (7:14)
Gracefully Broken (feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard) (5:50)
One Day (When We All Get to Heaven) (5:42)
Redemption Ground (feat. Madison Cunningham) (4:46)
It Is Finished (4:07)
Questions (You Are Faithful) (6:30)
Still I Will Sing (4:13)
Place of Praise (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) (5:08)
Hope Is Marching On (4:16)
Simple Pursuit / Glory Song (7:43)
Your Ways (5:27


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