Equippers Revolution "Hands High"
by Jon Ownbey (CMADDICT.com) on 2017-06-28 09:25:45

Equippers Revolution from Auckland New Zealand, is a praise and worship group connected with Equippers Church. Started as part of the youth worship group they plan to release this new album at the end of Shout Conference 2017. Labeled under Dream Worship, Hands High is Equippers Church fourth album release.

Composed of youth leaders and high school students the self-proclaimed purpose of the album is to connect young people to Jesus. This isn’t a remix of old songs but a new and fresh approach to both praise and worship. The album leads with Hands High which is an uplifting song with a good beat that quickly leaves you wanting to hear more. The album also includes some slower worship songs such as You Won’t Let Go that differentiate this album from a feel-good summer album to one that keeps your heart and soul focused on Jesus.

While the album has 11 tracks with a run time of 51 minutes it won’t feel that long. The varied tempo and style of the album kept me listening. The album is upbeat and is a pleasure to listen too. The music and lyrics flowed together very well and would make a great addition to any praise and worship time at church or in your home.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Praise/Worship
Label: Dream Worship
Release Date: July 14, 2017
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1. Hands High - 03:44
2. Heartbeat - 03:44
3. Here With Me - 03:47
4. Wild - 04:07
5. My Heart Is Open - 04:38
6. You Won't Let Go - 04:20
7. Fortress - 06:51
8. Let You In - 07:06
9. Still - 04:25
10. Motions - 03:31
11. Better With You - 04:16

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