Abigail Duhon "Abigail Duhon"
by Andrew Funderburk (CMADDICT ) on 2017-05-26 12:41:16

Penning her first song at age six, Abigail Duhon had an early start to the world of music. From that point forward, she has met quite a bit of success with releasing one full length record, and seeing two singles from the album place on the Billboard magazine Hot Singles Sales chart, landing a role in “God’s Not Dead”, its sequel, and several other films, as well as winning New Release Today’s “Best Emerging Artist” award in 2015. Now at seventeen, she is releasing her new self-titled EP that is full of poppy dance tracks and mainstream contemporary Christian sounds.

The six track project begins with dance tracks like “Into the Light”, “Rebound”, and “Dance Up”. The EP finalizes itself with two more emotionally driven, laid back tracks titled “I’m Not Ashamed” and “More Than Gold”. The musical composition for the songs contained here are top-notch and show that quality was sought out in crafting them. For vocals, Abigail has a unique technique that blends well for the majority of the tracks; however, there are times the synthetic play on the vocals or where she attempts to aim towards a vocal that doesn’t suit her tonality doesn’t mix well into the music.

Songs that her voice stands out on are “More Than Gold” and “Dance Up”, due to the contained range of the melody, as well as there not being a lot of toying around with her voice. In the realm of lyrical content, unfortunately, the EP does fall short on many accounts. From my perspective, it feels there’s the tension of trying to create wholesome lyrics, but still being catchy and relevant. While that is possible to create, the wholesome-yet-relevant attempt doesn’t translate well here.

While there is great promise for Abigail and her career, the feeling the album carries is that it’s another attempt to market to the younger Christian pre-teen/teen market in order to provide a wholesome musical experience. Much of the era of teen-pop phased out in the early 2000s, as is apparent with what younger people are listening to today. Even though the musical layout is quite impressive on the tracks, the lyrical content and heartfelt emotion is what truly lacks on this EP. The reminder throughout listening to this EP was that she is only seventeen, and there is time for improvement and growth, if she surrounds herself with the right people.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Dream Records
Release Date: May 26, 2017
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes


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