Colton Dixon "Identity"
by Michael Tackett (CMADDICT ) on 2017-03-10 08:32:24

Concept albums can be a tricky task for any artist. With a concept record, the artist/band has to structure their album flow with a sense of purpose between each song but also allow each song to sound different and stand out. Over the years we've got some impressive CCM concept record from Newsboys (Love, Liberty, Disco) The David Crowder Band (A Collision) and House of Heroes. (The End is Not the End) This Spring Colton Dixon debuts his very own concert record Identity. Identity is set up in three major parts- THE MIND, THE BODY, and THE SPIRIT.

The album kicks off with The MIND section and, after the instrumental, the song Identity. It’s a catchy techno-pop song where Dixon sings “You set us free you alone are our Identity”. It’s fun, catchy and overall enjoyable. While the rest of THE MIND is also enjoyable each track does come close to sounding dangerously similar to each other.

Luckily things get switched around when we enter THE BODY portion of the record. This section gives us the stand out tracks “In My Veins”, “Down” and “Warriors”. “Down” is a descriptive description of God's love. In it Colton sings “I was a wreak/ I was shattered and bruised/ then you tore down the dark and your love broke through down on my knees”. “Warriors” is a great anthem that I could see playing well in Dixon's live show.

The end of the record gives up THE SPIRIT. No Greater Love much like “Down” is about God's love for us as never changing. Another song "HIGH" sounds like it could be played on Top 100 countdown. The beat and lyrics are catchy and polished in such a way that it sounds modern to the times. (That’s a very good thing)

The last song- AUTOPSY is a stand out track, which has Dixon, stripped away from the violins, guitars, and tech and given just a piano. It’s a beautiful closing track about making the most of this life, considering were only one heartbeat away from heaven. It’s a chilling song that is the highlight of the record.

While Identity may be a little over produced in some areas it nevertheless delivers it's purpose of giving us a techno rock pop concept record that Colton Dixon fans will enjoy. With 17 tracks there is a lot of meat to chew on so I would recommend listening to this record multiple times before making your final judgment. Colton Dixon though has done something that few artist are able to do- enter the concept record arena. Not only has he it entered it but he has entered it well.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two versions of this record- Standard and Deluxe. Deluxe is the only way to get the concept record as the deluxe tracks are intermingled with the standard tracks. They paint a bigger picture as a whole so I would recommend picking the Deluxe version up!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Sparrow
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

2 Identity
3 All That Matters
4 Brand New Life
5 Technicolor
7 In My Veins
8 Down
9 I Would Choose You
10 Warriors
11 Human
13 No Greater Love
14 Breathe
15 High
16 The Other Side
17 Autopsy

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