Aaron Shust "Love Made A Way (Live)"
by Michael Tackett (CMADDICT ) on 2017-03-10 07:55:34

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Aaron Shust won the Dove Award for Song of the Year with his mega hit “My Savior My God”. Since then Shust has released some great modern CCM records from Centricity Music. (His record Whispered And Shouted, in my opinion, is one of the best CCM records of the mid-2000s) With that, Aaron Shust is set to release his latest offering, Love Made A Way. Love Made A Way is Aaron’s first live project in his already impressive catalog.

Over the years artists have had to come up with clever ways of releasing live records that stand out from live recordings that people can search for online. Hillsong United and Matt Redman have battled online recordings by releasing new material that was recorded live instead of studio recordings. It allows the artists to release a live record with old and new material while making it worthwhile for their fans. Aaron Shust follows this example by adding in old favorites mixed between new songs (and several covers).

In Love Made A Way, Shust re- creates his existing songs (that people may be familiar with) with new musical arrangements. Songs like “My Hope is in You”, “God of Brilliant Light” and “My Savior My God” are arranged in such a way that fits well in a live setting. “My Savior My God” replaces the guitar driven chords at the beginning with piano and a touch of synths. “My Hope is in You” adds in a string of violins that gives the song volume and life.

New songs, “Heartbeat“ (a highlight) and “Belong” are both heavy on the synth and both have rousing anthems that would correlate well with CCM radio. Aaron's voice is strong and the crowd's voices give the songs a unified feel. In “Heartbeat” Shust proclaims “You're my calm in the chaos/My peace in the war/You speak into the madness/And tell me I am yours”

If there is a downside to this record is the number of covers that's offered. “Ever Be”, “Cornerstone” and “Resurrected”, while executed well could have been replaced with more original tunes. Nevertheless “Resurrected” is a power message where Shust proclaims, “The resurrecting king is resurrecting me”. It's a worship highlight of the record that many will want to hit repeat once the song is finished.

If you’re a fan of Aaron Shust you’ll want to pick this record up. Love Made A Way has high energy with a touch of new material that will satisfy die-hard listeners until Aarons next full length. Others may want to take it for a spin and find themselves coming away with picking and choosing which songs they gravitate toward more with. All in All, I am eager to see what Mr. Shust comes up with next.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Centricity Music (CEY)
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

01. Heartbeat (Live)
02. My Hope Is in You (Live)
03. Belong (Live)
04. You Redeem (Live)
05. Ever Be (Live)
06. God of Brilliant Lights (Live)
07. Cornerstone (Live)
08. Death Was Arrested (Live)
09. Resurrecting (Live)
10. My Savior My God (Live)
11. Lead On (King Eternal) [Live]

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