Hollyn "One-Way Conversations "
by Michael Tackett (CMADDICT ) on 2017-02-10 08:22:16

Gotee Records has been a staple record label since it's inception in the mid-90s. They have introduced us to such great acts as Relient K, John Reuben and Family Force 5. In 2015 Zealot Networks acquired Gotee and while Gotee runs independently there has been some noticeable shifts in ongoing content. For example, the label currently only has 4-signed artists and each one has slowly been releasing content throughout the years to ensure success. (Which makes sense...Record Labels need well-received artists to survive) My point is when a new record/artist is announced I take notice. It means Gotee has done their homework and carefully chosen that this is someone they want to work with. So with that, Gotee artist, Hollyn releases her first full length, One-Way Conversations. I have been eagerly awaiting this release because Hollyn, through her first EP and countless artist collaborations has shown such great potential in her musical talent that I have been eager to see her shine on her debut record.

The album starts off with a bang with "Can't Live Without Your Love" and the hit single "Love With Your Life", which has a Michael Jackson kind of groove with a great piano driven bridge. Hollyn's vocal talent is undeniable as these tracks set up her vocal range as well as her musical talent on making upbeat and catchy tunes.

In the album's quieter moments, Hollyn gives us such musically and lyrically gems as “Living in Awe” and “Lovely”. In both, Hollyn expresses being in Awe of God, His love, and being wonderfully made through his image. In "Living in Awe", Hollyn sings " I'm living in Awe, every day I fall, but you never let me go...Your love is overwhelming". These are somber reminders to those listening that they matter to God and that He loves them unconditionally. No matter the situations or mistakes they've made.

Another theme of this record is relationships, which is something that, in my opinion, has lacked in recent years in CCM. “Obvious” encourages those to drop their pride, shame and letting other people in to help and comfort them. "Waiting For You" is a breakup song that musically and lyrical is a reminder of what it can feel like to go through a breakup and letting go.

Hollyn, through her debut record, has given CCM a breath of fresh air in some ways. Her bold energy and outspoken messages of faith and relationships make for a very solid debut that is sure to satisfy from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a new artist to follow or looking for a new record to start off 2017 with, Hollyn’s debut, One-Way Conversations will not disappoint.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Gotee Records
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1 Can't Live Without 
2 Love With Your Life 
3 Obvious? 
4 In Awe 
5 Party in the Hills 
6 Lovely 
7 Go 
8 All My Love 
9 Waiting For 
10 Girl 
11 Love With Your Life Capital Kings Remix 


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