Disciple "Long Live The Rebels "
by Andrew Funderburk (cmaddict) on 2016-11-04 09:05:03

It can be difficult to hold a consistent and true fan base in Christian music, more over create music that’s consistently good with few blemishes. More impressively, to factor in the above with a career that has so far spanned twenty five years makes speaks even higher volumes. That being said, Disciple is now releasing their twelfth album, Long Live the Rebels. While the band has experimented here and there with past projects, their latest offering blends some elements of past projects, but brings to mind more of the heavier elements of Scars Remain. The more outstanding part of this album is how this album is relevant, yet bold; true to the band’s sound, not falling into the cultural poppy/electronic driven norm; and how mature they remain in their presentation.

While musically there isn’t new ground broken, it still holds the strength of maturity of years that have cultivated a personal sound. That sound can be found with the excellent riffs on tracks like Forever Starts Today and Spinning. Frontman Kevin Young’s vocals also remain consistent throughout this project. He displays excellent vocal control by transitioning from a gritty, raspy tone to more smooth tonalities, while being able to pull out the guttural screams that characterize this style of music.

As King Solomon once said, “There’s nothing new under the sun...” While that does stand true, sometimes content can be presented in such a way that causes a person to get a new angle on a topic. This can be said of the topics covered on this album. The core of the album is strongly focused on identity and reliance on God, while those aren’t “new” topics, Disciple presents each lyric in a poetic way that drives the message home. Some examples of this would be the opening track “First Love” - “Breathing a breath so sick/With truths that are counterfeit/The diagnosis is terminal/I’m bleeding in my mind”. “Spirit Fire” - These years that were taken from me keep calling out can you come back in time/But these tears that were taken from me are keeping my feet here walking the line.” and “Forever Starts Today” - “I’ll never forget the memories when you were searching/Watching every bitter step of your journey/Every hour the suspense was burning ”

With many bands and groups attempting to be relevant by altering their sound to sound like the next radio hit, it’s refreshing to find a band who remains true to who they are, while still remaining relevant and still progressing musically. In that sense, I find it appropriate to use here, “long live the rebels” who go against the norm.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Rock
Label: BEC Recordings / Tooth & Nail Records
Release Date: October 14, 2016
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes


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