Britt Nicole "Britt Nicole (Deluxe Edition)"
by Michael Tackett (cmaddict) on 2016-10-27 10:15:27

Britt Nicole splashed out onto the CCM radar in early 2007 with her debut record Say It. After her solid debut and her stellar follow-up, How The Lost Get Found, she was solidified as CCM next big act. Her third record, Gold, branched out a little bit into the mainstream market. The title track was welcomed warmly in the mainstream community and even landed on “Now That’s what I Call Music-Volume 44”. Britt Nicole was signed to Capital Records in 2012 and this month released her latest, a self-titled record that continues her growth as an artist.

Britt Nicole’s message has always been one of encouraging those to identify and strengthen their self-worth. She offers a new batch of songs to solidify this message. Songs like “Through Your Eyes” and “Work of Art” encourage the listener to not look at society for acceptance but to remember you are created special and with a purpose.

Another big lyrical aspect of this record is dealing with personal relationships. Songs like “All the Money”, “Fall in Love” and the brilliant “No Filter” all deal with relationships. “No Filter”, a record highlight, addresses how there can be no filter put on personal happiness. Sure we can hide behind a social media picture filter to show the smiles but it may not always s reflect the real relationship. It’s a clever and heartwarming track that is a record highlight.

Musical the album flows just like a mainstream record would. The records high production, modern synths and upbeat rhythm make it comparable to any record that Carly Ray Jepson or Katy Perry would have made. (Through Your Eyes, Fall in Love, All the Money and Girls Night Out show really show off the production value)

While there are many highlights the record does have its small flaws. Songs like Better and All Day seem a little too long and lyrical not the most creative. (All day is almost over the 6 min. mark) Nevertheless, the Deluxe Edition offers some great replacements that fans will sure want to pick up.

Britt Nicole’s talent cannot go unrecognized. It’s hard for a Christian artist to transition from genre to genre but Nicole does it fairly well. She has created a nice balance that will sure satisfy her veteran fans while bringing a new audience on board. If you're looking for an encouraging and modern mainstream pop record you will want to check out Britt Nicole’s latest.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Capitol CMG Label Group
Release Date: October 7, 2016
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1 Through Your Eyes
2 All The Money
3 Better
4 Work Of Art
5 Fallin In Love
6 Be The Change
7 All Day
8 Pave
9 No Filter
10 Girls Night Out
11 After You
12 Concrete
13 Heart Of Stone
14 Electric Love


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