Newsboys "Love Riot"
by Jon Ownbey ( on 2016-03-16 10:46:59

Newsboys continues after 26 years with its latest release "Love Riot." Led by Michael Tait since 2009, the group continues to be a major influence in the Christian music industry. This album is sure to be a hit with its connection to this year’s release of "God's Not Dead 2" which features the single "Guilty" from this album.

Michael Tait’s distinct vocal sound leads the album and leaves no mistake why they have profoundly impacted Christian music. There is a good mix of faster paced music and some classic worship that will keep you from skipping through the tracks. Lyrically, this is a strong album with a focus on what God has done for us and our hope in Him.

Most albums, especially from beginning artists, are biographically and create a connection to the artist. Newsboys, given their long standing presence in the industry, has grown past this and deliver an album that is strictly focused on their message. So while I miss that connection, I appreciate listening to an album that doesn’t self-promote, but stands solely on the message. This album is not one that knocks you off our feet as something new or inventive. It is, however, for the diehard Newsboys fan a definite must have for your collection.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Fair Trade Services
Release Date: March 4, 2016
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Crazy (3:02)
Hero (3:48)
Love Riot (3:34)
Guilty (3:39)
You Hold It All (Every Mountain) (4:00)
No Longer Slaves (4:05)
Family of God (4:20)
Committed (3:39)
Earthquake (3:51)
What I Want Them to Say (3:41)


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