Cindy Morgan "Bows & Arrows"
by Grace Thorson ( on 2015-09-29 10:17:42

Cindy Morgan is no stranger to the Christian music industry.

She has been nominated for two Grammys and claimed twelve Dove Awards. Not to mention, her stunning career as a well-known songwriter. Cindy Morgan is a storyteller, and you can see that in the songs she pens. In "Bows & Arrows," Cindy Morgan delves deep down into her heart and exposes her southern roots. With folksy, toe-tapping tunes, she provides us with a country-worship themed album. Along with her others, "Bows & Arrows" is Cindy’s tenth studio recording.

My Thoughts:

Most know that I'm not a fan of the country music genre, but I do enjoy the occasional folk, especially if it includes the banjo. In admittance, I do have an affinity for the banjo. There is just something I like about that stringed backwoodsy instrument. Maybe, it's my Mom's Tennessee background that calls out to me. But putting the banjo aside, I still can't feel the love for that overall country melody - the twang and the mellow, laid-back attitude. There’s nothing wrong with country music, it just doesn’t stir my emotions like rock, pop, and worship.

With that out in the open, let’s move on to the details behind the album itself.

I would classify "Bows & Arrows" to be a mix of Americana folk and country with bluegrass tones. Since I was a little girl at the time, I don’t remember what Cindy’s original music sounded like. I heard that it was more pop and contemporary, but with Cindy’s new project, "Bows & Arrows," she has headed in a different direction. But to be fair, I can’t really compare this with her others, because I haven’t listened to them.

All I can say is, I’m a little bit disappointed with her return album. In honesty, I was expecting a bigger debut. But I digress, I'm sure that fans of Cindy's past work will enjoy "Bows & Arrows" much more than I did.

With artists in general, though, I prefer a diversity between each track that they create. It would have been wonderful to have heard more movement and depth from "Bows & Arrows." The lyrics were well-conceived, but I needed something more to keep my interests engaged. To me, the standout tracks are the first four off the album. After that, the music tends to blend in a tad with the others.

But! I can imagine Cindy welcoming the listener into her kitchen for a nice long chat. With a cup of tea in her hands, she’d recount her past memories to you in a story. This is what I like about Cindy Morgan – she’s warm, down-to-earth, and comfortable. I got that sense from both her album and her book.

Speaking of her book, I recently reviewed, "How Could I Ask For More." I really liked it, more so than "Bows & Arrows," but they're a wonderful combination. If you're a faithful fan of Cindy's work, get the two for your collection. And I think that if you like country music, be sure to, once again, get both products.

You could buy each one on its own, but "Bows & Arrows" and "How Could I Ask For More" are meant to be together – you just can’t separate them.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Genre: Folk / Country
Label: Lucid Artist
Release Date: September 4, 2015
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Breaking Heart (3:59)
Can't Help Yourself (feat. Gabe Dixon & Sierra Hull) (4:27)
I Know You (feat. Andrew Greer) (3:46)
Bows & Arrows (5:01)
Wandering Child (4:18)
Unbroken (5:33)
Do You Know Jesus (feat. Jonathan Kingham) (5:01)
The Sound of a Train (4:31)
I Want to Live (0:49)
In the Red (3:56)
Bring Balloons (4:41)
How Could I Ask for More (feat. Andrew Peterson) (4:01)
I Want to Live Part 2 (1:08)


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