David Dunn "Crystal Clear"
by Andrew Funderburk (cmaddict.com) on 2015-07-02 11:06:40

While the name may be new to many, David Dunn is completely familiar with the world of music. While still in college, he recorded his first project to support a year-long humanitarian trip to Africa. He also appeared on season 2 of NBC’s “The Voice”. With two Eps under his belt and four full-length recordings, including his latest, David Dunn brings a well-rounded, beautiful collection of songs with his latest release, “Crystal Clear”.

The musical composition for “Crystal Clear” recalls similarities to artists like Phil Wickham and The Script. The feel of “Crystal Clear” is strong in presentation, creating an ebb and flow throughout the entire project. The album is upbeat, yet it takes time to slow down. It starts off strong with “It is Well” and has an equally strong ending with the track “Fade”. The record relies, for the most part, on a synth-pop sound with songs like “It Is Well”, “Ready to Be Myself”, “Clarity”, and “Nothing Left”. There are diversions from that musical style, where Dunn switches to a more pop-sound with songs like “Today is Beautiful” and the stripped back “Six (Waiting for Love)”.

David Dunn has an excellent way of conveying stories throughout his music. Every thought penned is written in an earnest and compelling manner that presents themes of hope and surrender. This is found from beginning to end of the album. His story-telling abilities can be found with songs like “Six (Waiting for Love)”, the first single off the project “Have Everything”, “Nothing Left”, and “Ready to Be Myself” (Who am I gonna be/When nobody’s watching me/I want to be real/What am I gonna do/To live what I know is true?/I let go). Throughout the entire project, while lyrically working through life’s struggles, David never excludes the One Thing that himself and the listener can always return to through those times. (When my world comes crashing down around my head/And I, I feel like I got nothing left/Oh, oh/I’m not in control/But it is well with my soul) – “It is Well”

The craft behind “Crystal Clear” makes it obvious that this is not just any “new kid on the block” type of project. David has an excellent way of making the music fit well with the lyrical content. Overall, in regards to pop appeal, the composition feels familiar in its presentation approach. While familiar in that area, Dunn has still creatively geared the album to still stand out from other artists who are also in the same genre. “Crystal Clear” stands as a strong foundation in introducing David to listeners of music, while also being a great start to propel him further into his career.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Contemporary / Pop
Label: BEC Recordings
Release Date: July 15, 2015
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

It Is Well (3:45)
Have Everything (3:41)
Today Is Beautiful (3:41)
Nothing Left (3:56)
Six (Waiting for Love) (4:13)
Ready to Be Myself (3:35)
No Matter What (4:03)
Broken Cathedrals (3:31)
Clarity (4:08)
Happy (3:34)
Fade (3:42)
Today Is Beautiful (Thani Remix) (3:41)
It Is Well (Portrait Remix) (4:03)


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