Pacific Gold "Sing My Welcome Home"
by Jon Ownbey ( on 2015-05-15 12:04:05

Pacific Gold is a Seattle group formerly know as Wayfarer. Sing My Welcome Home is their newest release that draws from the musical history of the church. This is their first major release that they have put together as a group and it shows their passionate commitment to their music. While not a praise and worship album, this is a spiritual album that is contemplative in nature.

The group takes old hymns and repurposes them with a distinct sound and feel. They draw from works that are out of the mainstream, and I was not familiar with any of the hymn they used. I love the idea of taking old hymns and updating them with a modern sound and feel, but was disappointed that they didn't use some more well known pieces. By using a few more well known songs it would have allowed people to hear and judge the artistic strength of the group and draw in a larger audience.

Pacific Gold is able to differentiate themselves from the crowd by their particular blend of music. They have a particular sound that draws from the 60's, 70's, and indie rock. While the music is well done, it does appeal to a very specific audience. The vocals are very good and the album provides a tranquil journey. While the use of hymn's brings a spiritual aspect to the album, this is not a praise and worship album. This is, however, a great background album that you can play throughout the day, setting a tranquil atmosphere.

Sing My Welcome Home is a great album for those who enjoy the sounds of indie rock with lyrics that are spiritually focused. The mellow music and vocals of this album are perfect for a nice quiet day at home with de-stressing after a long day at work. Anyone who enjoys the group, The Brilliance will want to pick this album up as well. I think this a great album, but would love for them to come back with one that included some of the classic hymns that everyone knows and loves.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Genre: Alternative Rock / Worship
Label: BC Music
Release Date: March 24, 2015
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A Day Is Coming (2:56)
Gone to the Grave (3:59)
I Will Know Him (3:27)
Song in the Air (4:11)
Spirit of God (2:53)
Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul (3:51)
The Sands of Time (4:51)
Once I Had a Glorious View (4:20)
Shed a Beam of Heavenly Day (3:40)
Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love (3:18)
Sands of Time (Reprise) (1:43)


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