Fireflight "Innova"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2015-05-15 11:00:33

Going through several record labels in recent years and their last release being almost three years ago, Fireflight blasts back with INNOVA, their first full-length independent record since 2002. Fireflight has never been shy to grapple with issues of the heart and world, while remaining consistent in their sound niche, yet progressively staying up-to-date and fresh with each album. They are known for their deep and solid lyrics that electrify the listener when paired with their musical capabilities. The band never fails to deliver in that area. Their latest offering continues in this same vein. The new collection of songs packs an electronic punch with themes of standing one’s ground and being true to self.

The production for the INNOVA is top-notch, but musically Fireflight fans, and possibly new listeners, will be thrown for a loop. The group has diverted from their rocky edge and traded it for an ethereal/dub-step/electronic mix. For such a huge jump, Fireflight has shifted well into the new style of music without sounding like a 12 year old hitting puberty. While the album solidly launches into the pulsating tracks “Keep Fighting”, “Lightning”, “I’ve Got the Power”, and “Here and Now”, the continuation of songs beyond that point does tend toward being more of a hit and miss. Some songs do feel a little muddled towards the end of the record, as if the direction got a little lost. It does gain some traction again towards the end.

As mentioned before, the lyrical presentation of the INNOVA is still Fireflight. They’re still solid, still fresh, and hit home. From the lyrical standpoint, the album is encouraging listeners to keep going forward, not to hide behind walls, not to allow hindrances to hold them back. While not questioning the faith of the band members, the One Thing that encourages and enables us to do that seems to be missing a little from the picture.

INNOVA is not in any way an entire “miss,” but it could be a bit of a curveball for their already established fanbase. It is fun at times; it makes the listener ponder at times. And while the album isn’t bad, it holds the potential to get lost in the sea of the many other dub-step/electronic voices that are already out there.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Genre: Rock / Pop
Label: Keep It Loud
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Keep Fighting (4:07)
Lightning (3:52)
I've Got the Power (3:27)
Here and Now (4:02)
Safety (feat. Stephen Christian) (3:21)
Resuscitate (3:17)
The Fallout (3:21)
Easy to Break (3:09)
We Are Alive (3:14)
Out of My Head (3:45)
This Is Our Time (3:59)
Light Inside (4:18)


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