Jeremy Camp "I Will Follow"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2015-02-04 15:37:38

With his poignant past that has been translated into his past music, Jeremy Camp has been known to produce music that has gravitated towards being hard-hitting, honest, and genuine. His 2015 release of I Will Follow contains a collection of declarations, including themes of God’s strength, His sovereignty and grace. In the musical aspect, I Will Follow sees Jeremy infuse more of his original musical style of rock influence into the songs. Although it’s nothing entirely new, the listener can hear Jeremy experiment with different musical genres, such as folk infused with rock and a light touch of country.

Although the album does start off well with songs like the crowd-engaging Living Word, the southern styled rock title track, and the stirring first single off the record, He Knows, most of the other tracks following tend to fall into a predictable pattern, in both the musical and melodic aspect. For instance, using “oh-ohs” and “hey heys” can be creative, but due to the excessive employment of them, specifically within Christian music these days, it loses its full potency. Unfortunately, this is incorporated in a few songs on the project, such as, Christ in Me, Finally Home, and Only in You. The lyrics for I Will Follow tend to also be a little weak, lacking in full creativity, and gravitating towards repeating themselves.

Although Jeremy’s heart for God can be seen and felt throughout his artistry, it feels that over time, that the message and passion of how Jeremy originally started has been somewhat missing from his more recent music. I Will Follow seems to be taking a small step back into how passionate and real his music used to be. This comes down to even the way he emotes his voice on the record. Although there isn’t much that jumps out as being innovative and different about Jeremy’s new release, it can be said that I Will Follow is full of hope and encouragement for the weary. It is refreshing in the sense that Jeremy does remain true to Biblical truths throughout the whole project, never swaying from what is true. The album does flow well from song to song and remains consistent. Although not a bad album, in the sense of musical and lyrical components, I Will Follow isn’t a complete attention grabber either.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Genre: Pop / Contemporary
Label: Sparrow (Universal)
Release Date: February 3, 2015
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1. Living Word
2. I Will Follow (You Are With Me)
3. He Knows
4. Finally Home
5. Christ In Me
6. 'Til The End
7. Can't Be Moved
8. Only In You
9. Same Power
10. We Are The Dreamers
11. Here I Am
12. Spirit Now
13. Be Still
14. Perfect Love
15. He Knows (Acoustic)
16. Here I Am (Acoustic)

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