Bethel Music "We Will Not Be Shaken"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2015-01-20 11:03:25

Hearing the city name of Redding, California, most people will immediately correlate it to the ever-growing, ever-reaching ministry of Bethel Church. Many well-known worship leaders, like Brian and Jenn Johnson, Brian and Katie Torwalt, Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture, and many others have their roots traced back to Bethel. This January, Bethel will be releasing their eighth compilation project, We Will Not Be Shaken. The album features artists already established within Bethel, such as, Brian and Jenn Johnson, Hunter Thompson, Amanda Cook, and Matt Stinton; however, We Will Not Be Shaken also introduces us to debut Bethel artists Kalley Heiligenthal, Hannah and Paul McClure, and Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. The recording location of We Will Not Be Shaken was on a mountaintop overlooking Shasta Lake, which is near Redding. If this can be imagined, the serene and breath-taking location translates itself into the music that is sung. The music composed for this project is natural, simple, yet not distracting. The lyrics fixate on the awe-inspiring wonder and majesty of God, while also remembering what He has done.

The namesake for the project starts everything off, while setting the mood as well. The song “was birthed in a spontaneous moment of worship on a Sunday morning service at Bethel. The song hails a message of promise amidst adversity and the victory believers have in Jesus,” (Though the battle rages/We will stand in the fight/Though the armies rise up against us on all sides/We will not be shaken). The song that follows the opener is one that is already being sung by many other churches: Ever Be. Detailing characteristics of God and the way He responds to situations, Ever Be is an psalm-like anthem that declares praise to Him for who He is, (You father the orphan/Your kindness makes us whole/You shoulder our weakness/And Your strength becomes our own/Faithful You have been/And faithful You will be/You pledge Yourself to me). The album continues to build momentum with the passionate No Longer Slaves, that proclaims the state of our identity in Christ, (From my mother’s womb/You have chosen me/Love has called my name/I’ve been born again into a family….I’m no longer a slave to fear/I am a child of God), and the celebratory song of the work of Jesus’ blood, Seas of Crimson, (On that day of utmost glory/All of darkness cannot tarry/Every shackle will come undone/My solid rock/This is the Kingdom/(Chorus) Hallelujah/Death is beaten/Christ has risen from the grave/Hallelujah/Now and forever/All to You the highest praise). The record eventually settles into mellow, yet melodic tones, with songs like Hunter Thompson’s Home (Draw me to Jesus/I’ve made my heart a home/My love is Jesus/My love is You alone), Nearness (Comforter, You are with me/Shelter from the cold/Constant how You carry me/Never letting go/You are with me), You are My One Thing, and Jenn Johnson’s In Over My Head (Further and further/My heart moves away from the shore/Whatever it looks like/Whatever may come/I am Yours/(Bridge) Then You crash over me/And I’ve lost control, but I’m free).

Just like a lake lapping on its shores, We Will Not Be Shaken ebbs and flows like peaceful water. Listening to the album is like breathing in fresh oxygen, untoxicated by the fumes of harmful disease. The album is worship that is pure, lacking nothing, while stepping back from all the extra musical accessories that distract the ear, but still holding a creative edge in all aspects. This 11-track composition is a collection of songs that present peace and stillness within the soul. In growing uncertainty worldwide, We Will Not Be Shaken is a proclamation that gives hope and sets a right perspective for the new year.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Provident Music Distribution
Release Date: January 27, 2015
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We Will Not Be Shaken (Live) (5:32)
Ever Be (Live) (5:22)
Jesus, We Love You (Live) (6:55)
No Longer Slaves (Live) (6:13)
Seas of Crimson (Live) (5:44)
Home (Live) (4:54)
Nearness (Live) (5:14)
You Are My One Thing (Live) (4:58)
Who Can Compare to You (Live) (5:56)
In Over My Head (Crash Over Me) [Live] (4:58)
Ever Be (Video) (5:34)
In Over My Head (Video) (Crash Over Me) (5:01)
Jesus, We Love You (Video) (6:54)
No Longer Slaves (Video) (6:06)
We Will Not Be Shaken (Video) (5:19)


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