Misty Edwards "Little Bird"
by Andrew Funderburk (cmaddict.com) on 2014-12-29 14:32:22

Misty Edwards has explored many different genres of music during her music career, while still inserting her own musical creativity. With her new album, Little Bird, she stylistically takes on a more indie-infused/acoustic/piano-driven blend of music, while still maintaining some of her musical style from IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer-Kansas City). Throughout the album, while never diverting from her already solidified vocal identity, she does toy with different vocal inflections throughout much of the project. Edward says about the album, “I strongly believe there’s a whole group of listeners who won’t gravitate towards worship music because they have a taste for a different kind of creativity, and it was in my heart to reach those people.” Lyrically, she has somewhat diverted from the stereotypical CCM style, as well as, her IHOP-KC lyrical roots by including more ballads, rather than songs one might hear within the four walls of a church building. Combining that observation with her statement, the objective of this album is definitely achieved.

The album kicks off with Womb of the Morning, which is a piano-driven track that discusses our limited view of life by metaphorically comparing us to a baby in the womb, who doesn’t know there’s more than just the womb. The album then travels into the eerie Invisible One. The musical composition backs the lyrics perfectly. (Invisible things speak of the Invisible/Transient beauty echoes transcendence/And the mortal reflects immortality). The album takes different turns, as Misty moves through more ballad-esque type songs, including the title track (Because life, life is a vapor/But the brevity is what makes it a treasure/So feel it all like a love letter/To the One you will live with forever/His eye is on the sparrow/His eye is on you), Summer Girl (But baby girls with your eyes and funny ways/Prove to all it’s not in vain but love is real/Life is not what we thought in teenage dreams), and Mary, Mary (Mary, Mary don’t you know/Humanity lives your story/Well all the saints, cowards, the whores/When given much we love all the more/We love all the more). Other stand-out tracks include the songs Sound of a Heart, which musically bends towards a light rock/synth sound that walks the listener in psalm-like style through humanity’s issue of sin, but God’s response when we repent (It’s the sound of a heart crying out to God/And the sound of His heart calling back to you) and the tender Killing Me with Mercy (You’re killing me with mercy/I can’t breathe/You’re wrecking me with Your kindness/I can’t receive/What am I supposed to do with as God so humble?/It’s breaking me/It’s crushing me).

Little Bird remains rhythmically consistent from beginning to end, despite containing more catchy songs like the title track, Companion, and Audience of One. In light of that, there isn’t much ebb and flow, which gives off a meditative aura, which is understandable considering the musical roots that Edwards has. Although lyrically the songs are creative, sometimes the melodies to the songs can tend to feel a little flat, meaning without much melodic variance, which can also reflect some of the prayer room style of worship. In that, though, Misty has stretched her musical boundaries and brought herself to new levels musically and lyrically. Little Bird is more musically cohesive and personally authentic than previous projects, as well as, being more mature and organic in presentation. On top of that, the musical direction Little Bird takes is one that reaches out to today’s culture through a musical style that is popular on the market (without gravitating in any way towards the generic CCM or mainstream sound), but it holds a message that the culture needs to hear. Because of those two combined elements, having a popular musical composition and a needed message, Little Bird stands out in that respect.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Forerunner Music
Release Date: December 29, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Womb of the Morning (1:09)
Invisible One (5:49)
Little Bird (2:10)
Companion (5:27)
Tightrope (3:46)
Audience of One (3:21)
Killing Me with Mercy (4:58)
Sound of a Heart (7:11)
Summer Girl (3:40)
Mary, Mary (3:01)
Center of the Universe (4:32)


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