Planetshakers "This Is Our Time (Live)"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2014-12-18 11:21:54

Recorded at the annual Planetshakers Awakening event in Melbourne, Australia, the live recorded DVD of This is Our Time is 50 minutes full of joy. Although each song is God-focused and directed towards worship of Him, the songs sung tend to gravitate towards what God has done for us and in us. Each lyric points towards what Planetshakers mandate intends to fulfill, and that is to “empower generations to win generations.” In a day where identities are being shaken and being dictated by the ever-changing world, the worship offered on this DVD is a needed reminder as to who our God is, to who we are, and to what we are called to do. Furthermore, seeing the worshippers, young and old, in action solidifies this mandate for the viewer/listener.

The DVD kicks off with the dance-praise, and infectious, title track, This is Our Time. With huge bouncy balls being thrown around in the crowd and confetti exploding everywhere, a sense of fun, freedom, and joy is established from the get-go as the Planetshakers’ worship team belts out, “This will be the best time of our lives as we encounter Your love again/Here with You, our hearts will come alive as we declare Your praises.” The joy continues as the team moves into dance-praise tracks like Joy (You have given me a joy that won’t stop/And will never leave/so I will praise You with gladness/For You are good), My Heart is Alive (My heart is alive/You got me dancing on the inside/Your love has won me over again), It’s Your Love (Your love is never giving up/It’s never giving up on me, yeah/Your grace came and made a way/I’ll never be the same forever), and Sing It Again (Sing it again/Our God reigns/We lift our praise unto Your name again/All around the world we’ll sing/Sing it again/Our God reigns/He taught our dead hearts how to beat again). The DVD does provide slow down moments for a more reflective time of worship with songs like Leave Me Astounded (Leave me astounded/Leave me amazed/Show off Your glory/Let heaven invade/We’re waiting with worship/We’re waiting with praise/For the almighty presence of God to invade), Covered (Grace/Glorious grace…at the cross You called it finished/Covered/Covered/Covered by Your grace), and The Water is Rising (Our God is moving/Our God is healing/You can step into the waters and receive/There’s a miracle for all who will believe/God is moving).

The worship team is very cohesive, which provides no real distraction from the visual artistry of the event, as well as, providing a fantastic worship experience. Although the fun is seen, the focus of Jesus Christ is never lost throughout the entire project. The focus of This is Our Time is how God empowers us to “rise up, to make a difference, and…[to] impact the world.” The DVD definitely accomplishes that through the music and through seeing those who attended the event worship Jesus. The project takes the listener on a journey of worship. With that, it’s not just a time of jumping around and having fun; it’s also a meaningful time with thoughtful lyrics and passionate worship, which is what it’s all about – worshiping Jesus.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Integrity Music
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

This Is Our Time (3:48)
Joy (4:03)
My Heart Is Alive (3:48)
Leave Me Astounded (6:58)
Covered (7:55)
Stronger Than A Thousand Seas (6:16)
The Water Is Rising (5:19)
It's Your Love (4:05)
Sing It Again (4:27)
You (5:17)
Holy (4:35)
He Touched Me (4:53)
Your Presence (5:49)
Look To You (3:48)
Abba Father (Studio Version) (4:33)


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