Project 86 "Knives To The Future"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2014-11-18 11:27:42

With a history of 15+ years of music behind them, Project 86 steps forward to release their ninth full-length, (but second independent) project, Knives to the Future. Known for the ingenious lyrical penning of lead singer Andrew Schwab, their 9th studio release will not disappoint. Filled with plenty of guitar riffs, lots of drum rolls, eery strings, and ripping, atmospheric vocals from Schwab, Knives to the Future presents a collection of songs that will attract the ear and the heart.

The album kicks off with an eerie instrumental track rightfully called Intro. As soon as the track ends, the roaring journey begins with the album’s first single Spirit of Shiloh. It begins pounding out with strong guitar riffs and a strong drum rhythm, while Schwab’s unique, guttural singing roars out on the chorus, “One last time/One last time to lay it all on the line.” Another track that stands out as unique is Ambigram, which is still rock geared, but blends atmospheric elements into the musical details. (Lead me in my sanctuary/Where I know we will find a king/Lead me in my sanctuary/Where your heart and flame make their mark on me). One song that was able to be previewed by listeners before the album release is Genosha. Lead singer Andrew Schwab described it as being the most emotionally vulnerable song he has ever done with the group. It starts off with the deep, soulful sound of a cello before driving into a driving rock beat that doesn’t let it up until the end. (I would wait that long/For you to return to me/Will you come home?/I would wait so long/Til I push you away). Closer to the end of the album, the song Pale Rider stands out. It pounds out each element precisely, while building to a strong, anthem-like chorus. (We are the solitary ones/We’ve seen that every pain was our delivering).

Although Knives to the Future is lyrically sound and has stand-out tracks, like any album should, the overall general feel does lack somewhat in the energy that rock usually gives. Although it could be considered to start off a little slow, the energy does build as the album progresses quite well, but at points throughout, the music still feels contained, rather than giving a complete gut wrenching rock feel. Despite that, for new Project 86 fans, already existing fans, and those who appreciate rock will definitely want this in their music collection. Adding to that, there are also points throughout the project where the combination of all the musical elements will draw the listener’s finger to go back and hit the replay button to listen to the roar that Project 86 brings with Knives to the Future.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Rock
Label: 101 Distribution
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Spirit of Shiloh
Acolyte March
Knives to the Future
Son of Flame
Captive Bolt Pistol
Pale Rider
Valley of Cannons
White Capstone
Nocturnal Gaze
Firefly without a Night
In Trenches


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