Newsboys "Hallelujah For The Cross"
by Julia Kitzing ( on 2014-11-18 11:14:53

Newsboys recently released “Hallelujah for the Cross” - a collection of hymns done Newsboys style. With Michael Tait’s voice on these songs, it’s seriously a treat, his voice is so powerful it will give you the chills. This is the first time in their career that the band has tackled a hymns album. Wanting to do justice to songs that are well written on their own, Newsboys also included their signature sound and introduced a new generation to the hymns of years past that many young people don’t know or haven’t heard much of. The collection is some favorites of the band while they were growing up. It’s a sure treat and a must have for any Newsboys fan.

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” is a remake of a song Newsboys covered many years ago when Peter Furler was the lead singer. This is the first time that Michael Tait lead Newsboys, or Newsboys 2.0, and remade a song from one of their older albums (this one coming from Not Ashamed in 1992). Personally, I think the newer version is better. It’s so powerful with Michael’s vocals.

“What A Friend We Have in Jesus” is without a doubt one of the most powerful on this album, in my personal opinion. Guitarist Jody Davis’ background vocals can be heard throughout this gem. This song brings back sounds of Newsboys that many newer fans may not remember, but lifelong Newsboys fans will notice them. They throw back to a time when synth pop sounds dominated their sound with this song.

My personal favorite song on the album is the very last song “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name.” This song is done acapella, and with Michael Tait’s vocals, it's so powerful, seriously, the first time I listened to this song in the car I had to pull over. This song alone is worth buying the album.

In conclusion, this album is very well done, and done in such a way that the Newsboys honor the people who wrote the songs long ago, but they also add a Newsboys sound to them. They do a very good job of introducing a new generation that has grown up with modern worship songs from Chris Tomlin, Passion, Hillsong United, and so on to the older hymns.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Capitol Christian Music Group
Release Date: November 4, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

All Creatures Of Our God And King (3:57)
Where You Belong / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Medley) (3:32)
His Eye Is On The Sparrow (4:17)
Hallelujah For The Cross (3:44)
It Is Well (4:11)
Jesus Paid It All (3:29)
I Surrender All (3:22)
What A Friend We Have In Jesus (2:58)
Holy Holy Holy (4:13)
All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name (2:31)

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