Various Artists "Reverence: An Offering"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2014-08-04 15:46:54

This fall Fuel Music is presenting a song/artist discovery compilation record called Reverence: An Offering. The album presents 19 songs in total, with 17 of these being tracks that have never been released. Reverence is an excellent collection and balance of songs that speak to God of His greatness and that come from a place of adoration of God’s work in our lives. The record draws from a variety of artists, including forefront worship artists like Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Kathryn Scott, and Martin Smith and goes to the other end of the spectrum to draw in artists that might not necessarily be placed in the worship genre, such as, Abandon, Jenny Simmons (formerly of Addison Road), and Remedy Drive. Reverence will also introduce the listener to new worship leaders, such as, Jimmy Thorpe, Andrew Ehrenzeller, and Patrick Mayberry.

Out of the 19 tracks that the album, notable songs include, but are not limited to:

Andrew Ehrenzeller, the newest addition to Jesus Culture Music, opens the album with Band of Sons, which is an ethereal, upbeat track with smoky vocals. (Time will tell/What you’re really made of/The dust of earth and revival’s fire); Shores by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, which comes from their sophomore project Kingdom Come, follows the opener by continuing the upbeat feel. (Freedom take hold of my heart/Spirit of God come fill this place/Jesus, You’re all that I want/Have Your way);

Sing on the Battlefield by Kathryn Scott is an anthem for the trials of life. The song ends with her singing the hymn Everlasting Arms. (You make me sing on the battlefield/You make me dance through these tears/You grace my heart to believe again/You make me sing on the battlefield);

Brought to Life by Patrick Mayberry (Brought to life/Brought to life/I’m set free/You’re the light/You’re the light/That shines in me/This life/This life has been redeemed); Forever by Abandon (When all the skies will break, will break/And all of us will see His face, His face/All creation will awake/And over all the earth His love will reign/Forever);

Satisfy My Soul by Marc James and Brenton Brown is an energetic song that is a proclamation of the way God impacts the heart and our response to that impact. (I’m running for Your love/Your river is a flood that satisfies my soul/You satisfy my soul/I have nothing in this life/My joy and my delight/You satisfy my soul/You satisfy my soul, God); There is Grace by Lara Landon is like a soft-spoken song of assurance that God’s grace still stands no matter who we are or what we’ve done. (It always has been/It always will be/It’s the love You have lavished on me/Though undeserving and bringing nothing/How sweet to find that there is grace);

Commodity by Remedy Drive is one of the more unique songs on the project. It wouldn't really be considered a “worship” track, but definitely has its place in this collection of music. (I’m a soul inside a body/I’m not a commodity/No/Untie me/I've gotta be let go); And Reverence comes to an end with the beautiful acoustic track Obsession by Martin Smith, (What can I do with my obsession/With the things I cannot say/Is there madness in my being?...[Chorus] And my heart burns for You/And my heart burns for You)

Reverence is a must-have for those who want fresh worship music. The album blends together worshipful lyrics, upbeat and laid-back tracks, and different musical styles. Because the music is coming from about 18 different individuals and groups, it enhances the uniqueness of Reverence. These components combined create a solid and strong presence when listening to the project. Reverence feels like that anyplace, anytime type of music, and considering Who it’s pointing towards, indeed, it is just that album.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Contemporary / Worship
Label: The Fuel Music
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Buy it: Amazon

Band of Sons (4:35)
Shores (3:22)
Yahweh (5:00)
Sing on the Battlefield (6:55)
Anchor (4:29)
Brought to Life (3:47)
Running After You (4:30)
Song of Solomon (6:26)
All the Praise (3:42)
Time to Be Well (4:08)
Virginia's Getting Married (3:47)
Forever (3:31)
He Is Our Refuge (feat. Chris Jackson) (4:31)
Believer (4:03)
Satisfy My Soul (5:40)
Born of God (5:15)
There Is Grace (3:49)
Commodity (3:41)
Obsession (3:44)


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