Lightfall "Lightfall EP"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2014-07-18 14:21:36

Toronto based band Lightfall formed in 2012 with a common vision to form music so “others can know and experience God through their inspirational lyrics and [the] open hearts” of each member in the band. After releasing their self-titled debut EP just last month, they saw their music do just that when they hit #1 on the iTunes Inspiration Chart and #36 on the Canadian Top Albums chart. Their debut encapsulates a heart of worship with every single lyric and orchestration of music.

The 4-song project starts off with the pop-rock Promise of the Father (I look to the skies/My eyes are set on You/I look to You/Pour Your Spirit out/I live my for You/With all I am/It’s all for You). The opener is then followed by For All, which begins being piano driven then eventually melds into similar pop-rock territory like Promise of the Father, but a little lighter. (And for all You came to die/And for what and who am I/That I might because of Your death/Once and for all/[Chorus] And for all You came/And for all You died/Once and for all/God’s greater love will prevail/). The band’s first single Walk On Water, which is currently an inspirational top 30 hit in Canada, offers an ethereal musical presence to the project. The song contains haunting synth-like strings that are combined with a simple piano orchestration, light electric guitar, and a catchy backbeat. (As You calm the raging sea/I hear you calling out to me/Would You guide these hands and feet/To be where You are/ [Chorus] Even in the storm/Guide me home/To walk on the water/With You) The EP finalizes excellently with the song Saviour of My Soul, which could best be termed as an upbeat anthem of praise. (Praise the Lord/Oh my soul/I’m on my knees/At Your throne/[Bridge] We lift You up/We sing Your praise/With my voice high/I shout Your name/Cause You are good/And You are God/Saviour of my soul).

Lightfall has made an excellent debut onto the worship scene. They add fresh and newness to any listener’s worship experience. Their own experiences combined make this musical experience happen. This collection contains anthems that are expected to be heard being sung in worship services across the nation. I say that because there is an obvious openness of heart that Lightfall’s music and lyrics contain that isn’t felt in a lot of the modern mainstream Christian music. It’s a genuine, creatively made project. In saying all of that, I’m personally waiting to see a full-length album soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Lightfall Record Label
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Promise of the Father (4:18)
For All (5:57)
Walk On Water (3:39)
Saviour of My Soul (4:16)

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