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7th Day Slumber "We Are The Broken"
by Julia Kitzing ( on 2014-05-20 13:57:01
This is my first real exposure to 7th Day Slumber. I’ve heard of them and I know they’ve been around for awhile, but until now I can honestly say I haven’t listened to much of their music except what I hear on Christian radio. This album took me by surprise because I was expecting much harder rock music that isn’t really my style. I really enjoyed this album and the fact that you can actually hear the lyrics that are being sung. The words of each of the songs share a powerful message that reaches out to all different ages.

The title track to the album “We Are The Broken” sums up how we as Christians all are. We are all broken pieces and when we place those broken pieces into the hands of the potter He can mold us and make us new. The scars we have are all that remain of our past when our lives are placed in Jesus' nail scared hands and allow Him to shape and form us into His likeness.

“Nothing To Lose” has a guitar driven opening and then brings in powerful drums with hard hitting lyrics that reflect on someone reflecting on how much they fall short of who God wants them to be and realizing that they simply need to cling to God and allow Him to heal them and that He alone can save them. Lyrics like, “so hallow, unwanted, please save me from the dark….whatever separates me from Your arms…God I’m holding onto You…” seem to reflect on a life that someone is not pleased with and they start looking to God to find their worth and cry out to Him.

“Trust Me” is a ballad and has some very powerful lyrics that are thought provoking. It’s almost like Jesus is crying the words of this song out to the heart of people who are lost and feel hopeless reminding everyone that He is always there and that we just need to look to Him and trust Him. “And you can walk on water, If you keep your eyes on Me, and the waves won’t take you over…”

In conclusion, this album is sure to be a hit with teenagers who want to share Christ with their friends who may not be interested in Christian music. It has hard hitting lyrics that in my opinion touch on many issues that teenager’s face today. Music has a way of reaching people that talking doesn’t…this album is a great place to start and I’m sure will open doors for teenagers to share Christ with their friends over the upcoming summer months and into the fall. Be sure to pick up this album and roll your windows down and turn up the volume while you’re out and about this summer!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Genre: Rock
Label: VSR
Release Date: May 13, 2014
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