New Empire "In A Breath"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2014-05-01 12:56:13

Australia has introduced so many solid acts to the world of music, and once again they bring to the forefront a group that is establishing themselves well. This group is New Empire. The four-piece band has already performed with acts, such as, Owl City, Switchfoot, Neon Trees, and Relient K. New Empire’s debut project In a Breath presents a catchy musical style that, when paired with the lyrics, will easily get stuck in the listener’s head. The album keeps a good flow of upbeat and chill tracks, which make things not get boring.

The opening track for the album is Tale of Jonah. It gives interesting perspective from Jonah’s perspective. “A stranger’s hand as cold as the sea below/When I was given more than I could afford/I ran away/ And I was once king of the world/And I live inside of the whale/And I once was king of the world.”

The song that follows is a catchy tune that catches the ear and will easily stuck in the listener’s head. The Sun Won’t Sleep - “Listen close and pull me in slowly/It’s dangerous/But do you want safety in numbers again/The setting sun is like a volcano/It covers us and all this distraction will fade to the dark/I wanna go where the sun won’t sleep for days/I wanna take you where we can be amazed/I’ll never change if you promise to always stay the same”

Other tracks that stand out tracks include the title track, In a Breath (I’ll take care of the dirty sheets/Cuz you always been my need/You can drive me back to school/If it means I’ll get to sit next to you/And I see you in the breath/I will see you in a breath/In a breath I will); A Little Braver (The playgrounds they get rusted/And your heart beats another 10,000 times before I get the chance to say/I miss you/When it gets hard/I get a little stronger now/I get a little braver now/When it gets dark/I get a little brighter now/I get a little wiser now/Before I give my heart away); and Fallen Soldiers (We are the fallen soldiers/We’re coming back for more/To silence the guns forever/We are the broken victors/We’re born of a broken home/To silence the guns forever).

In a Breath is like an adventurous exploration that invites the listener to go deeper. It calls the listener to examine the simple intricacy of the music and what is happening in the listener’s own life as well. The project examines different life situations honestly and is relatable by bringing everyday situations into the music. Although I hold an appreciation for the honesty about life that New Empire brings, which is needed more in music, there could have been a little bit more direction in revealing exactly why we’re on this journey of life. In saying that, it’s not that the album needs overt lyrics about God; however, it would have been nice to hear more of what the answer is to the processes of life we go through. The title track does well to describe the album though. Our life is just a breath that is here and then gone the next. Let’s live it well!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Alternative
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

Tale of Jonah (3:27)
The Sun Won't Sleep (3:51)
Relight The Fire (3:46)
Say It Like You Mean It (3:19)
In A Breath (3:48)
Wise Fox (2:39)
Fallen Soldiers (3:01)
Left Behind (3:22)
A Little Braver (3:23)
Outshine The Brightest (4:43)
Relight The Fire (Acoustic) (3:23)


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