All Sons & Daughters "All Sons & Daughters"
by Kelcey Wixtrom ( on 2014-04-30 08:44:20

All Sons & Daughters have introduced us to a new trend in the worship movement. Worship music is taking on an increasingly natural view of structure that allows the listener to focus more on worshiping. Gone are the dramatic swells, the crashing symbols, and the bridges that never end. All Sons & Daughters are introducing us to a new concept: simplicity.

Simplicity is a central musical theme throughout much of this album. Occasionally background instruments add to the stable mix of acoustic guitar or piano and vocals, but generally these three are prevalent throughout the album. This gives the album a woodsy-folksy feel, making the listener feel as through they are listening to a band in a coffee shop or hearing tunes around a campfire.

Lyrically, this album is solid. Every song is pointed toward the Lord, but the album doesn’t feel like something that was written strictly for a Sunday-morning setting. All Sons & Daughters uses an interesting technique of trading the lead vocal from song to song. Some songs are male-led with female harmony, while others are the opposite. This is a wonderful asset to the band, to be able to vocally do whatever they want and keep it interesting. All Sons & Daughters is especially driven by vocals and the focus of the album is here.

Another fundamental aspect of this album is the use of harmony. I love that All Sons & Daughters are bringing this into a national release. “Victory” is a great demonstration of harmony, as is the track, “King of Glory.” Much of the harmonic structure is the same throughout the album, and occasionally the mix of the two vocal tracks isn’t super tight. However, harmony is an integral part of this album and it would be lacking without it.

All Sons & Daughters’ self titled release features co-writes with Francesca Battistelli (both artists have included the song, “Tonight” on their new releases) and guest vocals from Sandra McCracken on the track “Almighty God.” All Sons & Daughters is a cohesive album that offers a unique worship experience focusing on simplicity.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Folk / Worship
Label: Integrity Music
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1 You Will Remain
2 Tonight
3 God With Us
4 Christ Be All Around Me
5 For Your Glory & My Good
6 King of Glory (You Restore My Soul)
7 The Victory
8 Great Are You Lord
9 Almighty God feat. Sandra McCracken
10 We Give You Thanks
11 More Than Anything

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