NEEDTOBREATHE "Rivers In The Wasteland"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2014-04-08 09:36:10

It’s been almost three years since NEEDTOBREATHE has brought something new to music. Now, the fruits of that wait have ripened and the fans are about to get a taste of something great. Rivers in the Wasteland has a throwback feel. It mixes elements of contemporary styles as well as adding dashes of 60s and 70s plus country into the composition. Rivers in the Wasteland holds together a simple, stripped back sound, but is powerful in the combination of lyrics and music, as well as infusing fun components too.

NEEDTOBREATHE is known for penning great lyrics, and their latest holds out on nothing in regards to that. The album kicks off with a track, which could be considered the title track, Wasteland. “There was a greatness I felt for a while/Somehow it changed/Some kind of blindness I used to protect for all of my stains…in this wasteland where I’m living/There is a crack in the door filled with light/And it’s all that I’m needing to get by”.

The album continues on with Beach Boys-esque vocals with the song State I’m In and followed up by a rip roaring, western saloon sounding song Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – “It’s my town/It’s my town/I pray my feet don’t ever slow me down/Don’t fail me now/I pray my feet don’t ever slow me down”.

Other notable tracks include Where the Money Is (We started out, we were welcoming/We had enough when we needed it/Go pour your soul in a sea of shame/Now you’re dreaming you’ll lose your place…Don’t wanna know where the money is/It’s just a tragedy trying to take us so dear), Multiplied (God of mercy/Sweet love of mine/I have surrendered to Your design/Made this offering stretch across the sky/This hallelujah be multiplied), and Rise Again – “I know I’m gonna rise again/Set my sights where I’m going and the goodbyes of where I’ve been/I know I’m gonna rise again/Singing farewell to the broken/So long my friend”.

NEEDTOBREATHE has crafted an excellent work of art that reaches out to any listener group and made for almost any place and time. It can be the chill-out album, the road trip album, or the dance-it-out album. With the versatility of the album comes the meat of the project as well. It lays down truths about people and God. It’s real and raw in perspectives of life, while also bringing to the forefront a message of hope. It’s an album filled with strength down to the last track.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Southern Rock / Folk
Label: Atlantic Records / Word
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1.Wasteland (4:29)
2.State I'm In (3:18)
3.Feet Don't Fail Me Now (3:43)
4.Oh Carolina (3:26)
5.Difference Maker (5:38)
6.Rise Again (3:17)
7.The Heart (3:44)
8.Where The Money Is (3:29)
9.Multiplied (4:34)
10.Brother (4:48)
11.More Heart, Less Attack (4:56)


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