Planetshakers "Endless Praise"
by Julia Kitzing ( on 2014-03-11 09:11:26

Planetshakers is a worship team from one of Australia’s fastest growing churches. They are a team of talented songwriters, musicians, and worship leaders that are boldly leading people to experience joy and freedom through a powerful encounter with God. When Sam Evans, co-pastor and lead worshiper of Planetshakers was asked about the movement of Planetshakers, he said, “We were just being obedient to God every step of the way. Of course we had faith and expectation, but as God began to break all the boundaries we had, to reach our city and our area, we’ve begun to see God use Planetshakers to win the nations of the world, and we’re moving with it, taking this message and encounter with God, to see the Kingdom of Christ come to earth as it is in heaven, to see a great harvest of souls.”

“Dance” is a song that reminds the listener to just let go and worship God. With lyrics like, “This praise is bursting out, I can’t contain it now…” you are given permission to worship God with all that you have in whatever form the Spirit leads you.

The song “Oh Your Love” has lyrics like, “Oh Your love it makes me wanna to shout, The praise inside my heart is breaking out, You give me all Your love…” It almost seems like it’s a cry from a heart that can’t contain itself after being in the presence of God.

“Set Me Ablaze” is a song that cries out to God to see His glory. With lyrics that read like a prayer, it also cries out to God to rekindle the fire within us, as believers, that has gone dry, “I wanna know Your fire again, Pour out Your Spirit, I wanna feel Your presence, Fill me again, Fill me again, I wanna know Your fire within.” This song is a powerful reminder that as believers we all have times when we lose our fire and passion for God and we simply need to cry out to Him. We need to ask Him to give us that fire and passion again.

The final song on the album is called “Leave Me Astounded” and is a slower tempo, piano driven song written like a prayer for God to reveal Himself as never before, to “Leave me astounded, leave me amazed. Show off Your glory, Let heaven invade. We’re waiting with worship, we’re waiting with praise for the almighty Presence of God to invade.” This is the only song on the album that is not a live recording, however, this is a perfect ending to this album.

This album brings a fresh new experience and sound to praise and worship music. Having personally enjoyed praise and worship music from Passion and Hillsong United, I can say that Planetshakers is exciting. Even outside of the arena, they take you into God’s presence with the feeling of a live show.

“God’s just using us to remind the Church of the joy and celebration and passion He desires,” says Sam, “In a world that looks for happiness in all sorts of things, there is such great power in our praise - Power against the forces of darkness, depression and heaviness that people live under. We want to break through that with praise so that people experience complete freedom in Christ.”

This is my first exposure to Planetshakers, and I really enjoyed their approach. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Passion or Hillsong United.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Worship
Label: Integrity Music
Release Date: March 11, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

01. Endless Praise
02. Turn It Up
03. Dance
04. No Other Name
05. Made For Worship
06. Kiss Towards
07. Unto God
08. Praise You Lord
09. Oh Your Love
10. Our God Reigns
11. Set Me Ablaze
12. Abide With Me
13. We Are Free
14. Leave Me Astounded


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