Jason Gray "Love Will Have The Final Word"
by Brianne Bellomy (cmaddict.com) on 2014-02-27 08:27:00

Jason Gray has an amazing talent for connecting, for grabbing the heart strings and letting God go to work through the words he is singing. His newest album, “Love Will Have The Final Word,” is no exception to this feat. The feel of the entire album is one of us struggling with all that comes with this life, but realizing that His love is truly the answer.

If you’ve listened to the radio lately, you should be familiar with the first radio release from the album, “With Every Act of Love.” This song is a wonderful reminder of just what power we hold and are to use. Through everything we do throughout the day we are to express His love to the world. Everytime we interact with a person, even through something as simple as a smile, we are showing acts of love. As the song says, we have the choice to show His love or shun His love:

“God put a million, million doors in the world / For His love to walk through / One of those doors is you”

“Oh - we bring the Kingdom come / Oh - with every act of love/Jesus help us carry You / Alive in us, Your light shines through / With every act of love / We bring the Kingdom come”

This song is upbeat in tone, but the words beg you to look at yourself and wonder, “Am I really shining Jesus’ love through my actions?” Everything we do has an impact, what’s yours?

“Not Right Now” is a song that mirrors many people I know; Hurting so deeply that it’s hard to just get through each day. They survive by the same lyric Jason sings: "I know someday, I know somehow, I'll be okay, but not right now, not right now." This often is paired with this sentiment: “Don’t tell me, when I’m grieving, that this happened for a reason.” This is a song of hope, a song to speak what we know in our hearts, that one day, it will all be okay, we’re just waiting on God’s timing.

“Begin Again” is a ray of hope in the midst of struggling. It’s a reminder that no matter what you’ve been through, what you’ve got yet to deal with, and however badly you want to give up, there is always the hope of a fresh start: “It's never too late for a new start, if you give God the pieces of a broken heart, He makes all things beautiful in time... When you come to the end, you can begin again."

The title track of the album sums it all up. It's the tie that binds all the songs together. The picture of the ultimate truth; That His love covers all things and in the end it’s His love that covers everything we go through. "Of all the things I've ever heard, let me remember when it hurts that Love will have the final Word, As long as God is on His Throne, I am carried by the hope that Love will have the final Word."

The theme of this entire album is the redeeming power of love. It’s the small acts of love we give each other everyday that makes the difference. When someone is hurting you can’t just say "Trust God in the midst of everything." You must stop and show them what that love truly looks like. This album is a beautiful way to help us all know it’s ok to hurt, it’s ok to struggle, but in the end, God’s love covers it all.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Worship / Pop
Label: Centricity Music (Universal)
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. Laugh Out Loud
2. With Every Act of Love
3. Not Right Now
4. Love Will Have The Final Word
5. Love's Not Done With You
6. Begin Again
7. I Don't Know How
8. If You Want to Love Someone
9. Even This Will Be Made Beautiful
10. The Best Days
11. As I Am


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