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by Julia Kitzing ( on 2014-02-24 14:43:52

Gods Not Dead the Movie is about a college freshman who is challenged by his Philosophy professor. The student has to defend his belief in God or his professor will fail him. The movie is set to release on March 21st by Pure Flix Entertainment and features: Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper and others. The movie also features special appearances by Newsboys and Willie and Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty). The soundtrack has music from Newsboys, Superchick, Jimmy Needham, Stellar Kart, and others including a song by Shane Harper who also stars in the movie.

The movie version of Newsboys hit song, “Gods Not Dead (Like a Lion)” is almost like a teaser to the movie with dialog from the movie within the song. It makes me even more excited for the release of the movie and I find myself going back to the quote that Josh Weaton, played by Shane Harper, says “How can you hate someone who doesn’t exist?”

“Hold You Up” is about how the angels will hold you up against those who try to make you fall; That when others are attacking you and trying to steal what you know deep in your heart to be true, the angels will help you. The lyrics at the very end of the song seem so fitting for the message of this song and the message behind “Gods Not Dead the Movie” and standing up for what you believe. “When the timing is right, somehow you'll know. When nobody stands, stand on your own.” Standing alone may not be easy, but sometimes we all have to take a stand, even if it means we stand alone.

The song “This Is The Time” is a powerful reminder that we all need to step out and really live our lives and not let fear control us. I know that sometimes I personally let fear control me. The lyrics, “And don't stop till you live your life, Like someone died for you..” remind me that Jesus died for me and I need to go out and use the time He has given me on this earth to make a difference for Him.

“Arrows” talks about how there is evidence all around us that point back to God. They are ‘arrows’ that are signs of God’s existence pointing the way back to Him. The song is also like a prayer asking God to make us an arrow that points people back to Him; “Everywhere I go I’m an arrow; leading the way back to You… I’ll be an arrow for You…”

“Ones and Zeros” reminds me that there are people who haven’t heard the message of the Gospel and that we need to be a voice for those who can’t speak and make sure that we proclaim that God is indeed alive; As Michael Tait, lead singer of Newsboys, says, “roaring like a lion inside the hearts of believers”. The lyrics, “A voice for those who can’t say a word, To the ears of those who never have heard” speak to this importance.

Overall, this soundtrack is full of wonderful songs by many well known artists that remind you of the hope we have in God. It helps give you the courage to take a stand for what you believe in and go out and make a difference for God. For anyone who enjoys movie soundtracks or is excited for the release of the movie, pick up this album, you won’t be sorry.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Genre: Soundtrack
Label: Inpop
Release Date: March 3, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. God's Not Dead-Like a Lion (Movie Mix) (Newsboys)
2. Hold You Up (Shane Harper)
3. The King Is Coming (Newsboys)
4. This Is The Time (Superchick)
5. Arrows (Jimmy Needham)
6. Ones and Zeroes (Stellar Kart)
7. What I Know (Tricia Brock)
8. Save a Life (Manic Drive)
9. Save Us (JJ Weeks Band)
10. God's Not Dead Instrumental Score Suite (Will Musser)


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