Jamie Grace "Ready To Fly"
by Grace Thorson (cmaddict.com) on 2014-01-30 15:27:21

Jamie Grace, a rising star from Gotee Records, releases her newest album: Ready To Fly. Jamie was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. She's a fighter. She faces daily battles, but through it all, she perseveres. She doesn't let the syndrome rule her life, she doesn't let it stifle her passion. Music permeates her atmosphere.

She has overcome her challenges, and after being discovered by renowed Christian artist Tobymac, has made a name for herself in the music industry. She garnered her first Dove award for her song, "One Song at a Time" from her 2012 release. For her last project, she received both a Grammy nomination and a Dove award for her popular single, "Hold Me."

"Ready to Fly" is hip-hop, pop, and even country infused at times. In her songs, Jamie touches upon subjects close to her heart. Relationships, purity, optimism, joyfulness, maturing spiritually, and loving God are all expressed in her lyrics. Jamie's bouncy beat, exuberant voice, and determined motivation are felt in the hearbeat behind her album. Her love for Jesus is genuine and powerful. It's a wonderful thing when you can hear an artist smile in their singing, and I'm positive Jamie does it. You can tell she had fun with this album.

In "Little Ol' Me," Jamie plays a happy tune using her acoustic guitar. I like this particular song, because of its upbeat rhythm. Jamie sings along cheerfully with lyrics like "Oh Jesus how I love the way You’re writing my life. However could it be, to have a part in your story. Bigger than what I can see, little old me, little old me. I may not know Your plan but I’m safe here in Your hands." It's the song I've played more than any other from this album.

Purity is addressed in Jamie's song, "White Boots." There's a banjo included admidst her instruments, so be prepared for some country flair in this one. Jamie states in her lyrics "I've got my white boots. My white dress. And baby, I ain't getting them dusty." It's an inspiring and fun track about saving yourself for marriage. I applaud Jamie for tackling this issue. It's a message that needs to be shared, and Jamie handled it perfectly.

"Ready to Fly" (Avery's Song) is a special piece. Jamie said this about the meaning behind the title of Avery's Song: "While it breaks my heart that Avery is no longer here on earth, I know that God has used her life to minister to so many people. Her family has started a ministry called Avery Day Ministries and so many people have been led to Christ because of her life." Ready to Fly is about trusting God and being ready for when He calls us home. It's a song dedicated by Jamie Grace to a little girl named Avery. Be sure to read about Avery's life and her families ministry. The lyrics expressed by Jamie are heartfelt: "There’s an open sky above my head. That no one else sees. And it’s calling, it’s calling for me."

Jamie Grace is a great role model for teenagers, and adults, alike. I would recommend this album to my nieces (they love this kind of genre), and they're both in their teen years. Ready to Fly is a well-rounded album to start the new year off with. Jamie Grace is ready to fly.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre: Pop
Label: Gotee
Release Date: January 28, 2014
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1 So Amazing (Prelude) 0:28
2 Beautiful Day 3:10
3 Just a Friend (feat. Manwell of Group 1 Crew) 3:44
4 Fighter 3:45
5 Little Ol' Me 3:31
6 To Love You Back 4:01
7 Do Life Big 3:05
8 Every Bit of Lovely 3:22
9 White Boots (feat. Morgan Harper Nichols) 4:11
10 The Waiting 3:17
11 My First Love 3:29
12 Always You 2:58
13 Ready to Fly (Avery's Song) 3:32
14 Fighter (feat. Jason Crabb) (Acoustic Version - Bonus Track) 3:44

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