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Salt of the Sound "Journeys"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2013-11-15 11:49:25
With vocal echoes and soothing, ethereal synth-like sounds, Salt of the Sound debuts with Journeys. From beginning to end, Salt of the Sound brings an album full of songs that quiet the soul in the middle of a hectic and busy world, in order for the listeners to “[seek] out the presence of God.”

Hailing from London, Salt of the Sound is composed of husband and wife duo Anita and Ben Tatlow. Their experienced craft is obvious throughout the project, considering that they both have been musicians since a young age. Recalling the musical style of Enya, this album is musically a much more intimate project, as opposed to many of the songs that might be heard on mainstream radio. Journeys is more for sitting in stillness before God to connect with His heart. The album is like a tranquil place where someone finds rest. Despite many of the songs being instrumental, the album still connects in a way songs with words cannot. In terms of lyrical content, the songs that do contain words are more so repetitive, but putting into consideration what genre this album is and the purpose of it, it’s not really a negative aspect.

The lyrics that are there stand as a quiet truth ringing through songs, like the opening track Free (You give me joy/You give me freedom/You give me hope/You give me reason/You give me strength in every season). This Little Light which reminds us that life is short and that we should let our light “shine for all the world to see.” Give Me a Moment is a heart’s prayer, that says, “give me a moment/and I’ll be content/I have been searching and hoping and waiting for You/I come wide open/Help set me free from all that confuses me.”

Journeys is an encouragement (for lack of better words) for your life’s journey. With a solid, debut release, Salt of the Sound has set the stage to draw the listener to the one thing that will truly impact their life and heart- Jesus.

Download the song "Free" by clicking here
Rating: 5 out of 5
Genre: Ambient
Label: Salt of the Sound
Release Date: November 4, 2013
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1. Free 3:47
2. This Little Light 4:23
3. I'll Wait 4:03
4. Haze 1:56
5. Calling 2:54
6. Listen 3:38
7. If This Is You Speaking 4:24
8. Coming Home 3:52
9. Follow 3:07
10. Reflections 1:26
11. Give Me A Moment 3:12
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