Press Play "#LITO"
by Andrew Funderburk ( on 2013-10-31 15:49:52

After meeting a high amount of success with their first few releases and after parting ways with the Dream Center a few years ago, Press Play is ready to make the world dance again with their fourth release #LITO (Love in the Open). Unlike many Christians artists who want to mimic the music of the ever popular club beats, Press Play does not mimic, but they actually craft good rhythms that somebody would hear in a club. Despite the music being infectious, the difference between the regular beats you would hear at a club and Press Play is the lyrical content.

Giving place the content that fills regular club hits, positivity and truth takes over in all songs throughout the band’s new album.

“This is the time to live/This is the time to dance/This is your life/Your chance/To love in the open” -#LITO

“Can you feel the rhythm, see the light/Make this feeling last all night/All your worries out of sight”
-Love Audio

“I don’t want to waste my life/Running after the counterfeit/Every star across the sky/Makes me overwhelmed by it” -Wonderstruck

At the same time, the lyrics can be a bit cheesy with songs like “Snap a Picture” (Post it, share it, like it, tweet it, hashtag on my Instagram…Are you ready for this/Snap a picture/Snap, snap a picture/Snap a picture); the title track (Loves life is a dance floor/And your song could be the bass and beat/Love’s like a rhythm/Cause without it nothing seems in key); and “Android” (Let me tell you a story/About a girl named Jane/She was different than all the others/But now she’s the same).

In the midst of the pounding bass, there are more quiet moments with songs like: “I Can Breathe” (I can breathe, I can breathe/No more chains can hold me back/Now I am free… I know your scars they remind me I can see); “Song for the Broken” (This is the song for the broken/A call to the hopeless/For all the weak and the weary/It’s gonna be alright); and “Top of the World.”

Despite being a very positive, fun album, there are a few downsides to their latest project. Of course, they are simply minor details, but the repetition of “oh-oh-oh” on multiple tracks seems to lack a bit of originality. Compiled with that is the repetition (and seemingly lack) of many of the lyrics on songs like “Snap a Picture,” “Force of Nature,” “Android,” “I Choose,” and the title track. I don’t mind (very much) that there aren’t overt “God” themes on every track (in understanding what crowd they would be reaching with this music), but it is easy to see that some lyrical content could get a little muddled along the way if not careful.

#LITO does give a good alternative to the trashy lyrics that many would hear in clubs today. On top of that, Press Play gives the listener infectious beats and hooks, which will easily entice and tease to suck you into the sound. You’ve just got to look past the lyrical repetition on much of the album and the sometimes cheesy lyrics, which can, at times, be overlooked because of the well-crafted music.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Genre: Electronic / Pop
Label: Dream Records
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Buy it: Amazon - iTunes

1. #LITO
2. Force Of Nature
3. Love Audio
4. Songs For The Broken
5. Snap A Picture
6. Top Of The World
7. Wonder Struck
8. I Can Breathe
9. Android
10. I Choose
11. NY2LA (David Thuin Remix)
12. #LITO (David Thulin Remix)


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