House Of Heroes "Suburba"
by Kevin Thorson ( on 2010-08-05 16:09:14

House of Heroes adds another impressive project to their already stellar line of releases. "Suburba" is an energetic album that feels huge and yet has that garage band next door feel, down to earth and full of life. ”We wanted it to sound very American and full of youthful energy," says frontman Tim Skipper, "I think it came out exactly the way we wanted it to.”

Out of the gate, the first track "Relentless" sets up the album perfectly and maintains that feel throughout. The lively and incredibly catchy "Love Is For the Middle Class" is a song you won't get out of your head, and won't want to. Another great track is "Independence Day For A Petty Thief" with its gritty guitar riffs and fireworks, yes, fireworks.

"Suburba" is not a shallow album at all, but quite the opposite. With its more than fair share of hope-filled worship ballads such as "Constant" and "Burn Me Down", the former being one of the best examples on the album. “This record is about growing up in middle class suburbia,” says Skipper "’s about realizing, throughout all of it, that God is real and is the one constant among all the variables of life.”

There's alot to like about this release, a perfect blend of energetic fun and inspiring songs all wrapped in one. An excellent "summer-fun" album and quite possibly the best rock album of 2010. A definite must get.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Genre: Rock
Label: Gotee Records
Release Date: August 3, 2010
Buy it: Amazon MP3

1. Relentless (4:29)
2. Elevator (2:58)
3. Love Is For The Middle Class (3:14)
4. So Far Away (3:41)
5. God Save The Foolish Kings (3:51)
6. Salt In The Sea (4:29)
7. Independence Day For A Petty Thief (3:43)
8. Somebody Knows (3:44)
9. Disappear (4:24)
10. She Mighty Mighty (3:22)
11. Constant (3:38)
12. Burn Me Down (5:21)
13. Galveston (Amazon MP3 Exclusive) (3:44)
14. Patient (iTunes Exclusive)

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