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Bread Of Stone: Behind The Songs On Their Upcoming Album, The Real Life
by Dream Music Group on 2013-08-05 16:53:46

1. HOLD ON: HOLD ON TO JESUS! When your faith and hope are weak, when you feel like everything is going wrong. Don't give up, just hold on to what is real: Jesus!

2. THE REAL LIFE: ARE YOU READY FOR THE REAL LIFE? The world and media feeds us lies about what is real and important. The truth is the life that Jesus paid for us to have.

3. THE LINE: DON'T WALK THE LINE BETWEEN YOUR LIFE WITH JESUS AND LIFE IN THIS WORLD. This is about the story of the rich man and Jesus (Matthew 19). When he asked Jesus what he must do to gain eternal life. You can’t live for yourself and Jesus.

4. CHANGED: WE ARE CHANGED TO BE THE LIGHT! We are called to be Children of Light; to shine in the darkness, so that the world can know the Truth.

5. PARACHUTE: JESUS BREAKS OUR FALL Sometimes we lose our focus and can quickly get caught in a spiral of life’s failing promises. Jesus breaks our fall if we hold on to Him.

6. BEAUTIFUL: FROM BROKEN TO BEAUTIFUL Jesus takes what the world considers to be trash and makes it beautiful and something of worth.

7. SUPERNATURAL: WHEN SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL TOUCHES YOUR HEART When Jesus is in your heart it’s an indescribable feeling that is not of this world!

8. I'LL BE: A VOICE FOR THE MARTYRS We can be a voice and light for those in persecution.

9. ONE WAY RUNNER: RUN FROM SIN Run one way from sin and temptation before you’re lost in it.

10. HEARTBEAT: WE ARE LOVE Sharing the love of Christ by being his “hands that feed” and serve those who are broken and in need.


DREAM was founded in 2008 to provide artists with a genuine approach to how real artist development should be done. By allowing for a partnership as a business model, Dream’s artists empower themselves to develop and carry out a real vision for their lives as they affect other people’s lives with their music and message. Incorporating social media, press, radio and touring it’s allowing it’s artists grow together as a family.


Having toured with a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ of major CCM artists, including: Newsboys, Seventh Day Slumber, Superchick, Petra, Building 429, Sanctus Real and others – Bread of Stone has matured in their music and message.

Wishing to release an album that truly captured their artistic vision, the band readily admits to being meticulous and demanding of themselves in the recording process. The end result of dedication to independence as artists – and the refining of their craft – is the band’s new release ‘The Real Life.’

‘We have never set out to make a statement of ourselves as artists,’ said Bill Kristijanto ‘We are able to do so only through God’s Grace’.
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